About Us

Golden Spiral is a specialized, integrated marketing agency that exists to help our clients REALIZE their brand identity, position in the market, growth objectives, and leadership of the market.

See what sets us apart:

We live in the world of B2B technology, and we love it.

We speak SaaS and know what it takes to bring complex solutions to a demanding market to engage enterprise leaders in journeys that convert. Your market is changing daily, and our team is tuned in to your vertical and optimized to keep you on top of the trends, so you are positioned to lead the right conversation.

AI / Machine Learning
Business Intelligence
Network Security
IT Services and Consulting
Business Process Automation
Industrial Automation

It all starts with your customers’ real needs.

Our proprietary and proven Buyer Matrix℠ process ensures we uncover and understand the real problems your buyers face and how your offerings answer their needs. It is the foundation of our efforts and provides the structure we need to create a perfectly targeted demand generation framework that will drive the growth you are looking for.


We don’t guess when we can know.

We have the tools and the expertise to objectify marketing activities and work to eliminate guesswork wherever possible. We research and learn what is really going on in the market, how your competition is positioned, and where your targets are tuned in and listening. Then, we develop the strategies, tactics, and KPIs based on your objectives to drive the desired results.


Differentiation starts at the deepest levels of an organization.

Communicating “why” is the intangible essence that creates affinity with buyers. We help you clearly express who you are, what you uniquely deliver — and why it matters. Buyers research facts, but when it’s decision time, emotions play a powerful role in the direction of the conversation. We work with you create the brand people want to have as their partner.

Events & Affiliations

Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Healthtech

It is where we go, what we read, who we roll with, what we talk about, what we study, and what we help to lead — every day. Okay, we’re geeks and wear it proudly because it’s our job to know the markets, monitor the trends, and do what it takes to position our clients at the vanguard.

Our Team

Our team embodies the differentiators above. We immerse ourselves in the world of B2B technology through continuous learning and certifications, industry events, participation in tech-related interest groups, and more. Our technology marketing expertise means that we are uniquely equipped to help you gain and maintain traction in the market.

Start a Conversation

We approach our client relationships as a strategic partner.

If we can provide significant value to your organization, and you agree, we will move to our next steps together.


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