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Everything we do is about ensuring our clients realize their potential in the market. Let’s find a time to explore how we can help make it happen for you.

Working With Us

  • We are focused exclusively on B2B Technology companies.
  • We approach our client relationships as a partner, not a vendor.
  • We do not have hourly rates. We charge a flat fee for our services that is agreed upon in advance, based on a specific scope of deliverables and services.
  • If we agree to engage with you it is because we believe we can provide significant value to your organization — and are committed to realizing that value.

What happens next?

If you are interested in starting a conversation, start by contacting us here. We’ll set up an initial phone call to better understand your goals and then prepare a detailed proposal that lays out strategy and price.

Dan Dodson

President | Fortified Health Security

“Golden Spiral is more than a marketing company, they are a business partner. Their team helped us reframe our service offerings and better position ourselves in the market. They really learned our business and provide us with continuous value. I strongly recommend Golden Spiral and will use them for years to come.”

Gina Cerami

Vice President, Marketing |

“The Golden Spiral team is a great extension of Connotate’s marketing team. We depend on their guidance and expertise. We have been able to optimize our online spending while increasing our leads-to-SQL ratio and know our funnel is in better shape because of their work.”

Jason Beck

Director of Communications | Digital Reasoning

“We initially hired Golden Spiral to help us completely reimagine our website and create a beautiful user experience. Through that process their team became trusted partners. We continue to rely upon the team at Golden Spiral to help us shape our brand and tell our story in beautiful ways.”

Rebecca Key

Director of Marketing | 360 View

“Golden Spiral has helped us more clearly define who we are and what we offer to the financial industry. Golden Spiral truly feels like an extension of us. I can’t imagine having a more seamless process with another vendor— they are true partners!”

Aaron Salow

CEO | XOi Technologies

“I cannot count the number of impressed customers, press, and investors that have praised our positioning and marketing approach. This is a direct result of the excellent work that Golden Spiral was able to accomplish.”

Christian Barr

VP of Marketing for Technology Platform Group | PTC

“We brought in Golden Spiral because of their expertise in creating online experiences that maximize engagement and conversion. The site they created beautifully reflects the sophistication of our platform and we are excited for people to explore it.”

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