Our History

Golden Spiral started as a digital creative agency. We transformed into a specialized marketing agency that exists to help HealthTech companies establish their market positioning and generate demand.

At the end of 2010, “digital” ruled as the big buzzword, business “storytelling” emerged as a new notion to many, and “content is king” found its way into the posts of many popular industry blogs. People were just beginning to understand how millennial sensibilities were going to change the way we do business.

CEO and founder John Farkas observed that this rapid expansion of online market channels moved many organizations to chase after marketing tactics, hoping to find the magic formula, and pouring loads of money, time, and effort in the process. Yet like the unfocused student obsessed with acing an exam, but who hasn’t shaped an approach or actual commitment to studying, these organizations lacked a cohesive strategy. That’s when John first shaped Golden Spiral.

Partnering with Bennett Farkas, a brilliant designer and creative mind, and Peter Smith, an innovative and analytical business leader, John created an agency to answer the need for market-focused strategy so companies could clearly communicate to their target audience. Together, they assembled a strong team with a variety of talents. Golden Spiral combined a fundamental understanding of marketing strategy, brand positioning, and extraordinary creative assets to propel a host of companies toward their goals.

We served a variety of industries throughout our early years, and in 2014, began a number of changes to hone our expertise. We decided to focus our efforts on B2B enterprises which had made up the bulk of our portfolio. In 2015, we honed it further to work exclusively with B2B technology companies in healthcare, cybersecurity, and fintech. 2020 marked our next evolution: working exclusively with HealthTech companies.

We thrive on translating complex tech-driven offerings into pragmatic, market-focused narratives that:

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Our Values

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