19 Hilariously Bad Stock Photo Attempts at Visualizing Tech

Article by | October 26, 2016 Branding and Design

Tech companies often feature complicated, intangible offerings. Machine Learning, IoT, Actionable Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Quantum Computing… the list goes on. These concepts are inherently difficult to visualize and, as a result, companies are often pulled to some of the darkest corners of stock photography to illustrate their point.

So before you post the first picture that shows up when you search, make sure you aren’t falling into the stock photography trap. Ask yourself: “Does this picture make my company look generic, cheesy, and amateur — or does it reflect the sophistication of our brand? Here are 19 hilarious tech stock photos I strongly encourage you not to use (and one “awesome” photo hidden among them).

1. This person spotted a virus with a magnifying glass.

Discovering a virus with a magnifying glass.

I am pretty sure it is that easy.

2. You are not in “Minority Report” nor are you Tony Stark… so, no.

Businessman with his finger on innovation

This guy is really putting his finger on innovation, though.

3. This network connecting bodies of water to land masses.

Dots of light connecting the world

Or are they angels like in “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

4. This “wearables” cyborg.

Man uses wearable technology

Part man, part machine?

5. This person in a very clean room that is upset about… something.

Frustrated business person yells at her computer

On that generic laptop.

6. This masked hacker that is about to grab your password. With his hand. Out of Cyberspace.

Computer hacker silhouette of hooded man reaching and stealing network password to steal confidential data concept for security, encryption, crime and virus protection

Hacker… network security… internet… virus… identity… security breach… BINARY!

7. This “unsecured” credit card.

Credit card with unlocked padlock

I always secure my credit cards this way.

8. This cautionary tale about Net Neutrality.

Caution sign that says Net Neutrality

Down with it.

9. This person enjoying virtual reality right into oncoming traffic.

Person in VR headset overlaid with a cityscape


10. This artificial intelligence emerging in this binary tunnel.

Artificially intelligent being


11. This person holding the entire IoT in his hand… which consists mostly of people.

Business person holds Internet of Things


12. This sad attempt at visualizing cognitive computing.

Cognitive computing


13. This terrible visualization of Industry 4.0.

Industrial Cyborg


14. These actionable analytics.

Business team working on analytics


15. This Machine… Learning.

Robot child reading a book


16. The all-too-common “keyboard key cop-out” to visualize quantum computing.

Keyboard with key that says quantum computing


17. This person “social networking.”

Internet of Things in the hands of a business person


18. This SaaS.

Man using computer screen that says software


19. This dog using a… actually, please use this. This is awesome.

Business dog using his computer in the office


At Golden Spiral we are shaping technology marketing — that means we are actively working on creative ways to visualize complicated tech concepts and services. More importantly, we are focused on uncovering the soul of your brand and finding a way to visualize your concept in a way that is true to who you are. If you’re interested in learning more about how we do this, get in touch.

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