2015: A Year of Growth for Golden Spiral

Article by | December 16, 2015 News

I remember our planning meetings leading to this year. We were in the middle of the busiest month in our agency’s history and wondering how we would manage all the work we had going. It was exciting but we all knew things would need to change to keep pace.

In 2015, we were ambitious. We set our goals and together decided to risk believing we could achieve them. A year later, we have doubled our staff, substantially increased our capacity and competency—and we are planning another aggressive year of growth in 2016.

Here are some highlights:

We Expanded Our Team

We started the year exceptionally strong—lots of great work and a team that was pedaling hard to keep up. Our first addition was Justin Covington, our Project Manager, who worked quickly to help bring order to our world. He was followed quickly by Andy Wells, our Technology Director, who has brought a wealth of robust programming aptitude that has enabled us to serve our clients, not only with creating their websites, but with engineering their online products as well.

Steve Citerin joined us mid-year as our Account Director and helped us sustain a level of client service that we take great pride in. We also brought on Lane Harbin as our Content and Editorial Strategist. She helps us continue to frame brilliant market focused narratives and create content that engages and entices the market.

We hired designer Kyoko Eng to bring her fine-tuned design aesthetic to our client and agency projects. Finally, Seth Whiting graced us with his mad programming skills and rounded out the 2015 roster when he joined us this Fall to fill out our development team.

The best part about all of these new additions is that each new person has added to a superlative group that makes Golden Spiral a delightful place to show up to work in the morning.

We Moved Offices

To facilitate this growth, we needed to find a new home. We were fortunate to land in a beautiful spot in the ultra hip 12 South neighborhood. Our new office meets our needs, affording us great meeting space, ample parking, room to grow and restaurants, coffee shops and other great amenities in easy walking distance.

We Prioritized Company Culture with a Retreat

Once we had everyone onboard, we forced ourselves to get away for a couple of days on a company retreat where we were able to spend some time focused on refining our processes, honing our objectives and having some serious fun together. Our culture has never been stronger and we are working hard to keep that trend alive and well.

We Celebrated New Clients & New Projects

I can’t say enough about the wonderful people and companies we had the opportunity to serve this year. In addition to our exceptional group of existing clients, 2015 saw the dawn of many great relationships that we are excited to bring into the new year.

A sincere thank you to all our clients who have helped make 2015 an exceptional year for Golden Spiral:

360 View

Arbor Healthcare

Allure Technology


Be Music and Entertainment

Centric Architecture



Digital Reasoning

Enroll For Life


The Family Center


G Major



John Bouchard & Sons Co.


Norris Architecture

The Nashville Technology Council

Ntrepid Corp.




Provident Leadership

Quality Industries


Six String Country

Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance

XOEye Technologies

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