4 Reasons Your Company Should Hire a HealthTech Marketing Agency

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1. You Have an Amazing Story to Tell

Hermes was intelligent and clever. His discernment and cunning made him valuable and popular among the other gods of Olympus. Over time, he became the Herald Of The Gods, announcing messages and carrying a magic staff called the caduceus. Mythology records almost as many tales about the caduceus itself as the winged messenger who carried it—stories about alchemy and bringing rest.

Like Hermes, your company has leveraged your collective intelligence, business cunning, and clever spirit. Like Hermes, you carry a magic staff—your HealthTech solution. You have uncovered and developed a solution that ultimately improves the lives of patients. You are using your own alchemy to create better outcomes and longer lives.

The stories of Hermes have endured for generations.

Your story needs to be told often and to the right audience. A HealthTech-focused marketing agency is a perfect partner to take your company’s origin story and weave it with the success stories of your end-users to craft an epic that will be told time and again and passed on from hearer to hearer.

However, too many HealthTech companies are like Hermes in other ways. Hermes wore an invisibility cloak long before Harry Potter played Quiddich.

Do you feel your company is invisible in your marketplace? The right agency can help you stand out in the middle of your competition and be seen for all the right reasons.

Our Foundations Workshop is the perfect methodology to shape your story. Our proven process unpacks, then crystalizes, who you are, what your solution does, why you exist, and who needs to know.

The workshop assembles all your stakeholders in the same place at the same time. You will build consensus and gain clarity in amazing ways. (And we’ve had great success with virtual workshops as well.)

We are so convinced you will see the value of this investment that we completely guarantee the engagement.

Our Foundation Guarantee: If you qualify for and engage in the foundation experience, we guarantee you will be convinced of the value of our approach after the Foundation Workshop. If not, let us know within 48 hours, we’ll stop, and you won’t owe us a thing.

2. Keep Pace with the Changes in Healthcare

Over time, wings were woven into Hermes’ headdress and found their way onto his shoes. He moved lightning fast. The healthcare universe is changing—rapidly and radically—and you need a partner who can give you wings for your message to travel at the speed of change. Our knowledge of and constant monitoring of the ecosystem make us the perfect partner to fuel the travels of your messages far and wide.

Today’s market demands split-second decisions made on ever-changing data. We provide the tools and help you shape KPIs so you can know what’s going on, interpret the marketplace, and act with confidence.

Our clients applaud us time and again for the insights we provide through our comprehensive competitive analysis. Who are your product’s competitors? Who battles you online for keywords and mindshare? How do you emerge from the noisy world around you to be seen and heard? The picture of the market we can create with you ensures you have the perspective you need for your company and our agency to work together to position your company to win.

3. Connect Your Past to Your Future

Can you see the power of partnering with an agency in this graphic? Your past is valuable. The machinery and connections you made in the past have informed your present and will echo in the future. How will you translate them? How will you carry them over into the tumultuous market?

Our skilled visionaries, content creators, designers, and SEO wizards will work in lock-arm, lock-step with you to remove any rot or rust and help you craft an agile and flexible marketing machine.

We adapt our offerings on a client-by-client basis to provide just what you need. We can be your virtual, integrated marketing department or we can be laser-focused on specific, specialized services that plug into your workflow.

We exist to empower your marketing efforts on the scale you need to reach the most customers and grow your business.

4. We’ll Give You a Rocket Pack

Hermes sped up message delivery for the citizens of Olympus to the mere mortals below. Imagine our world moving from the Pony Express to text messages in one afternoon.

In every area of your marketing, you can’t afford to deliver your messages on foot anymore. The market is changing too fast. Hiring the right agency gives you a jetpack. It also gives you the fuel and maintenance you will need for your jet pack over time.

None of us can see around corners, but together, we can see in all dimensions. An agency provides an objective viewpoint, expert analysis, and a truckload of data about the industry. Tap into the resources of Golden Spiral to supercharge your message delivery through all your channels.

Our clients appreciate that we concentrate our efforts on the HealthTech space. We don’t take every potential opportunity that walks in our digital door. We are looking for the right partners. Demand generation is not a short game. It’s a commitment. We’re ready to help you accomplish your goals. Discover the Golden Spiral advantage for yourself.

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