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Our Biggest Gift to You Yet: a Podcast

Golden Spiral launches our podcast, Studio CMO, on March 25, 2020. The most important factor in the launch of this podcast is: you.

Built with You in Mind

Marketing in fintech, healthtech, cybersecurity, and business intelligence is challenging.

In many ways, the core of marketing is like the core of sports training. There are a few things that are alike no matter what products you’re selling or audience you’re selling to. In sports, physical fitness, endurance, nutrition, and hand/eye coordination make up the core. In marketing, a deep understanding of the audience and a wisdom for how to meet the audience’s needs make up the core.

But the fundamentals of marketing in B2B tech are as different as the fundamentals of lacrosse versus competitive swimming.

We built our blog to provide the finer points, the “blocking and tackling,” and the practical/tactical side of tech marketing.

For two years, we have been dreaming, plotting, and designing a resource that would inspire, motivate, and lift your eyes above the day-to-day battle of marketing to see the greater scope of our ecosystem. The result is Studio CMO.

A Place for All Stars

We can learn a lot of things from the marketing heads at apparel companies, restaurant chains, automobile conglomerates, and airlines.

But those marketers play lacrosse. We are swimming. It’s better to learn from Mark Spitz, Michael Phelps, and Katie Ledecky.

We’ve designed Studio CMO as a destination for all the stars in our business. Our microphones will give them a voice and thus allow us all to learn from and interact with them. As peers.

Take a listen to this raw clip from our interview with the CMO of Cofense, Kevin Fliess.

Our Promises to You

Every episode of Studio CMO will:

  1. Host a fantastic guest who knows the B2B tech space
  2. Offer dynamic insight from the guest and from our host, John Farkas
  3. Be filled with laughter and fun
  4. Give you practical application
  5. Sound great

We want you to pull out your earbuds and apply the principles to what you are doing this week, this quarter, and this year.

And as you can tell, the three bald, dancing dads have been having fun.

B2b tech marketing podcast

The Launch

If this podcast sounds like something you want to be involved in, will you join us? Will you tell others? We are putting together a launch team to help spread the message within the B2B tech community. Click below to get started. Prior to the launch, we’ll send you everything you need — including a few gifts and surprises — so you can give away Studio CMO to your business associates.

Studio CMO podcast


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