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Crafting content is an essential element in any demand generation plan. That’s why we’ve dedicated so many assets to helping you. Thousands of our readers have taken advantage of these resources:

Digital worker visiting Google while drinking coffee with superimposed lines representing search rankings 19 Things Help Blog Post Rank Higher Search19 Things to Help Your Blog Post Rank Higher in Search

If your prospects don’t see your blog article on the first page of search results, they won’t see it at all. How do yours rank? Discover and implement these 19 essentials.


Portion of Golden Spiral's The Anatomy of a Search-Optimized Blog Post InfographicThe Anatomy of a Search-Optimized Blog Post

The ultimate visual checklist inspired by the article above will show you how all the pieces fit together so you can optimize with ease. Use it as a checklist every time you post.


Out of focus man holding out in focus eye glasses with stylized graphics superimposed - How to Create Content with Clarity for HealthTechHow to Create Content with Clarity for HealthTech

The HealthTech buyer demands clear, efficient & practical content. Discover 7 tools that make up the acronym CLARITY. Most forget the first three outright. (The article that gave birth to the infographic.)


Content Mapping Matrix Infographic PreviewFree Infographic: Content Mapping Matrix

The Content Mapping Matrix helps you navigate the process with intentionality. See the buyer’s journey and create a clear plan for each piece of content.


Graphic depiction of step one in Golden Spiral's content strategy guideContent Strategy Guide for SaaS Marketing

Content in HealthTech marketing is critical. While 91% use content marketing, only 37% have a content marketing strategy. Do you? Read our guide to build yours.


Photo of Apple Watch 3 overlaid with an EKG to demonstrate HealthTech contentFive Tips to Writing Better Health IT Content

Take advantage of these five tips for writing better healthcare IT content as part of a robust, integrated marketing strategy.


Woman working with a calendar with a digital overlay depicting Golden Spiral's philosophy of building a winning content calendarBuild a Winning Marketing Content Calendar for Your HealthTech Company

Content published regularly and optimized for search turbocharges your lead generation. Find out the 5 Ls of a winning calendar. Most HealthTech companies forget #4.


Team of digital workers examining emails on a screen surrounded by sticky notes designing email strategyB2B Tech Email Marketing Checklist

If you’re not satisfied with your HealthTech company’s email engagement, you may be making one—or many—of these ten email marketing mistakes.


Speaker addressing a large audience with handheld microphoneMap Your Content to the HealthTech Buyer’s Journey

Your buyer’s journey map is essential to your marketing strategy. Discover the process for continual improvement which will, in turn, shorten the journey.


Ashley Levesque of Demio appears on Studio CMO episode 57Build Better HealthTech Webinars (podcast)

Build better webinars by harnessing the power of platforms, building engagement, and constructing funnels and KPIs for HealthTech applications.


How to Write Marketing Copy that Converts More Leads (Video)

Your company’s content should drive your Google rankings, generate leads, and build a community. Learn how to execute effective conversion copywriting.


Young woman walking down a sidewalk while searching her cell phone about to pass three stylized images representing calls to action, the narrow featured image for The Bump Set Strike Approach to Great B2B Calls-to-Action that ConvertThe “Bump, Set, Spike” Approach to Great B2B Calls-to-Action that Convert

A prospect reads your article. Then what? In this blog post, you’ll learn a three-step formula—bump, set, strike—for creating the best calls to action while making the hook less cliché without losing clarity.


eBook resource displayed on iPad screens Action Verbs ListCreate Better Calls to Action

Love is a Verb. So are these 755 other words. Amp up your Calls to Action with this list of action verbs. Avoid the clichés. Echo your brand voice. Write Calls to Action that convert.


Smart Insights Content Marketing MatrixContent Marketing Matrix for HealthTech Companies

The Content Marketing Matrix (developed by Smart Insights) helps you visualize and map the most effective types of content for each stage of the sales funnel.


Cover of Golden Spiral's White PaperThe Marketing Value of a Well-Written White Paper

This white paper on white papers helps you answer six key questions about your business and how to apply them to a content download for your site.


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