Four Essentials for Building Your HealthTech Email Marketing List

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Email remains the most effective marketing tactic for B2B companies, including HealthTech. Content Marketing Institute reports that a whopping 81% of B2B marketers use email as part of their strategy and 31% of them believe it to be the most effective tool to nurture leads.

B2B open rates have improved in the last two years and are now only slightly lower than B2C. (In 2019, B2B rates were 4.6% lower. Today, they are only 1.1% lower.)

The challenge remains: how do you nurture leads you don’t have? How do you grow your list? In this article, we will look at four essentials to grow your list through lead generation.

Lead generation presents a paradox: You are asking those who already receive too many emails to sign up for another.

How do you fight against obscurity and irrelevance?

If you are attracting the right leads to your website, they will respond to your offers for content because you are answering their questions.

1. Create Lead Magnets

Your prospects have questions. You have answers. Package your answers in creative ways your audience desires.

Many companies balk at the cost of creating an eBook or a white paper. How does that cost compare to the value of a qualified lead? The more your leads identify your company with the solution to their problems, the more they will want to work with you. Your content can move them down this path.

How many of these strong lead magnets have you produced already? As you promote them, are you giving your new leads an opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter?

  • Gated content available in exchange for an email address
  • Downloadable content—guides, infographics, checklists, etc.
  • Free online tools (in a “give-to-get” economy, this works just as well for B2B as B2C)
  • Bonus, surprise content offered on the other side of your forms—on your thank you page, or in your thank you email
  • Gated content unique to every blog post. You long to have your website visitors spend more time on your site and visit more pages. By offering related articles to the one your visitor is reading, you increase both while proving yourself to be the provider of answers your prospects are asking.
  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Your content published on other websites. Create partnerships with organizations that will publish your content and link back to a landing page on your website.

2. Place Lead Magnets on Most Pages

The easiest way to get readers interested in you is with your lead magnets. Therefore, you want to put them in as many places as possible. This will only increase your chances of success.

  • Place a lead magnet offer at the 1/3 position and at the end of every blog post. You’ll generate a higher return if the lead magnet is created specifically for the post.
  • Incorporate pop-up forms. They could appear from the side, in the middle, or even on full screen depending on the application. (Exit pop-ups have the highest engagement.)
  • Use CTA throughout your social media posts.
  • Ask your partners about placing CTA buttons throughout your posts on their sites.
  •  Create surveys and feedback loops and be sure to offer CTA on your thank you pages.

3. Optimize Your Lead Generation Forms

The more information you ask for upfront, the less likely someone is to sign up. This is just as true for B2B as B2C. If you’re really interested in growing your list, just ask for the contact’s first name and email address. You can use progressive profiling to get more information later. Get them over the first hurdle and on your mailing list. We recommend:

  • Newsletter subscription: 1-3 form fields
  • eBook: 3-5 form fields
  • White paper: 3-5 form fields
  • On-demand webinar: 3-5 form fields
  • Product overview slick: 5-7 form fields
  • If you’re not happy with your number of form submissions, try shortening these longer-length forms.

4. Incorporate Effective Design

Did you know it takes 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website? After that first second, 38% of users stop engaging if the content and layout are unattractive.

After that, when you create your CTA, follow these tips to get 202% higher click-rate.

Unattractive design costs you sales.

Lead magnet forms are best when simple, straightforward, and contain a single ask.

What Happens After You Earn the Lead?

Keeping the leads you’ve worked hard to earn is a task in itself. These three practices will help you earn future visits and goodwill from those who convert on your site.

  • Create initial appreciation with a thank you page.
  • As mentioned above, offer up related content on the thank you page to help your prospect answer more questions and increase their time on your site.
  • Send a thank you email confirming their download.

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