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Article by | May 21, 2019 News

Marketing Agency Adds Patel, Presley, Watson, and promotes Underwood

Golden Spiral, a full-service marketing agency focused on B2B technology, has made several additions to its staff, and has promoted Taylor Underwood to a new role.

Underwood joined Golden Spiral in April 2018 from Cumberland Consulting Group. She has been promoted to Senior Content Strategist.

“Taylor is the linchpin to growing our strengths in content marketing,” says A. Chris Turner, director of digital strategy. “B2B tech content can be tremendously complex, yet Taylor has an outstanding ability to simplify what’s complicated and make it accessible and useful to the reader.”

In addition to Underwood’s promotion, Golden Spiral has hired Kevin Presley as Designer, Nicole Patel as Traffic Manager, and Zach Watson as Content Strategist.

Presley joins from Alecia, where he was a UX/UI designer for the product placement video production company.

Patel served as a business analyst at Briovation, a seed stage healthcare fund.

Watson joins from DePalma Studios, where he was director of content for the software development company.

“We serve our clients more effectively with in-house experts who live and breathe B2B technology,” says John Farkas, founder and chief executive officer of Golden Spiral. “These additions to our team give us more horsepower to do just that.”

About Golden Spiral

Golden Spiral is a full-service marketing agency focused exclusively on B2B companies with technology-driven solutions. The company, founded in 2012, helps clients realize their brand identity, position in the market, growth objectives, and leadership of the market. Golden Spiral core services include strategy and branding, design, content marketing, digital marketing, web and SEO, and public relations. It delivers these services to fintech, AI, health tech, and cybersecurity clients across the country.

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