Golden Spiral’s Top 8 Blog Articles of 2019

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At the end of every year, hundreds of lists are published looking back at the incredible, odd, shocking, and newsworthy happenings of the last 12 months. In that spirit, we’ve compiled the top eight most read Golden Spiral blog posts of 2019.

Whether you want to catch up on what you’ve missed or are seeking a quick-reference guide to our top marketing advice for B2B tech firms, keep reading.

B2B branding strategy

Number 8: Branding for Scale: How to Align Company and Product Logo Systems

Many SaaS companies have a hard time knowing if they should develop both a company brand and a product brand. That decision gets even more complicated when the company has only one primary product.

This article focuses primarily on the logo design phase of the branding process while exploring how two brands, Adobe and Intuit, use their company and product logo systems to support each other.

B2B positioning strategy

Number 7: Uncovering The Soul of Your Brand

Quickly evolving market demands, fast product development cycles, and growth management all often make it hard to maintain an objective eye on how you relate to the market. We created this article to help readers understand why investing time in the positioning process and holding strategic discussions with core stakeholders is essential in differentiating your company and achieving success in the marketplace.

It also includes a free, downloadable template (PDF) that we suggest to our own clients to help them identify their goals and lay an initial foundation for their brand vision.

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Number 6: North Star Metric: The Most Important Number for Your Company’s Growth

In recent years, a concept called The North Star Metric (NSM) has emerged from Silicon Valley. The NSM is defined as the single metric that best captures the core measure of your organization’s growth. It is a critical part of aligning your entire team, determining strategic initiatives, and scaling your company. That’s why we outlined three essential steps to identify, measure, and improve your NSM.

Do you know what your north star is for 2020? This article can help you determine if your sextant is pointing in the right direction.

B2B category creation

Number 5: 10 Category-Creating SaaS Companies

Category creation is not about incremental improvement on what already exists — it’s about identifying a problem and doing a better job than anyone else at understanding, articulating, and solving it. 

Inspired by the book Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets, this article explores how category creation and disruption played into the success of companies like Slack, Dropbox, and HubSpot.

b2b kpi guide

Number 4: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building KPIs for B2B Tech Companies

As you move through 2020, do you have your key performance indicators locked and loaded? Our President and COO, Peter Smith, created a definitive guide to building KPIs and understanding your marketing funnel with this insightful article. If you aren’t sure how to measure your success or want to sharpen your plan, this is required reading.

SaaS product launch guide

Number 3: 10 Steps to a Successful SaaS Launch

Successful product launches and product launch campaigns demand time, planning, and articulate execution. As a marketing agency that specializes in creating and implementing successful go-to-market strategies, Golden Spiral knows a thing or two about the art of a successful SaaS product launch. In fact, this article contains our proven, ten-step method for bringing your product to market.

CCPA guidelines

Number 2: Does CCPA Apply to B2B? What You Need to Know

CCPA probably affects you — even if your company isn’t in California, doesn’t do business in California, and doesn’t sell directly to consumers. CCPA is all about the data — where it is, where it came from from, what it is, how you are storing it, why you are collecting it, and what you are doing with it. We created a quick guide to help your company restructure its data storage & access and dedicate resources to ensure legal compliance.

This article also includes a downloadable CCPA checklist — a step-by-step resource that will help you identify the issues and work through what you need to do to bring your website into compliance.

B2B Competitive Analysis template

Number 1: Seven Steps to Create a Strategic B2B Competitive Analysis

Our most popular article of the year dives into how to determine who your competition is. If you haven’t updated your competitive analysis in the last 12 months, do you know the landscape? Do you know where you need to distinguish yourself?

This how-to article also includes a free downloadable template (Excel) to help you gather and organize intelligence about your competitors and highlight where you need to spend the most attention.

Key Takeaway

Golden Spiral is committed to your success. If you didn’t achieve all of your goals in 2019 or have a far-reaching challenge awaiting you in 2020, we are here for you. Our integrated team of strategists, designers, developers, content creators, and PR professionals works together for our clients to help them realize their brand identity, position in the market, growth objectives, and leadership of the market. Let us serve you. Schedule a strategic consultation today. Meanwhile, keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.

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