A Step-by-Step Guide to Building KPIs for HealthTech Companies

Think About This

You can reach the most aggressive goals if you set KPIs and monitor them weekly (and monthly, quarterly, and annually). KPIs promote higher performance from yourself and your team. And they make project management much more effective. Here’s how to break down the process and write effective KPIs.

When You Download this Guide, You Will Discover the Eight Steps to Creating Winning KPIs

  1. Identify Your Primary Goal
  2. Highlight the Critical Step to Reach the Goal
  3. Research the Best Key Indicators
  4. Map Indicators to Your Funnel
  5. Determine Focus Areas for Future Growth
  6. Outline Marketing Plays for Each Focus Area
  7. For Each Play, Create the Metric—KPI
  8. Set Up a Scorecard to Track All of Your KPIs