Introducing the New Digital Reasoning: “Power to Improve Your World”

Article by | December 2, 2016 Branding and Design, Positioning and Messaging

We began our relationship with Digital Reasoning in 2013 when they first decided to transition their cognitive computing tool, Synthesys, from the public to the private sector.

Since then, they have been successful in proving their value, securing substantial funding, and — most excitingly — building a base of excited customers who have been able to solve some of their most pressing business problems using the Synthesys platform. The Digital Reasoning leadership team knew it was time to bring those stories forward, so they tapped Golden Spiral to help lead the charge.

It has always been apparent to us that Digital Reasoning is far more than their technology; they’re focused on creating tools that empower people to make our world better. Their new tagline, “Power to Improve Your World”, is the perfect example of their human-first approach to technology. It communicates their commitment to offering technology solutions that help people do what they do better.

Learn more about how we found a balance between Digital Reasoning’s powerful technology and their passionate pursuit of people in the full case study.

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