Smart SEM for B2B Tech Companies [Q&A]

Article by | January 25, 2017 SEO

In Part Two of our Q&A with search engine marketing expert, Chris Turner of ChocolateSEO, Chris dives into the specific of using Google AdWords as B2B brand, the value of display and remarketing ads, and tips for writing copy that converts.

We often work with B2B technology companies that have very low search volumes for their keywords. Is Google Adwords still a viable channel for them? Or would it be best to pursue other digital marketing tactics?

That is a really good question! A few drops of water can’t quench thirst but collect enough rain and you can go for a swim.

It isn’t always about one keyword providing all the value; it’s about having a good keyword profile and a great strategy for it. Yes, many B2B terms have lower search volumes — but they are very specific and often very niche. This is where display and remarketing make sense and support search campaigns.

Alone, a search campaign as the first touch may do okay, but combined with other digital marketing efforts and channels there is better reach and frequency, which increases user awareness.

Fill in gaps with content around those low search volumes and you have some quick wins. If you answer the question directly, have over 1K links to you site, and optimize, you may become a Google Quick answer (pro tip)!

To answer the question directly: yes, AdWords is still viable when used intelligently and will perform better when used with a comprehensive strategy that includes content marketing, SEO, and remarketing.

In your opinion, what makes for good Adwords copy that increases click throughs?

There is no magic bullet. However, good copy avoids the ‘cliché’ speak of question and answering, overuse of ‘Your’, ‘Free’, ‘We’, and a few others. Those are what we call “conversion stop words.” What has worked for my clients is bringing in niche terminology into the ads, making use of attention-grabbing lines, such as, “Build A [Product] Strategy”, “Create A Lasting [Business Action]”, and so on. I’ve found that positive, constructive ad language that not only speaks to your expertise but also to the potential user’s needs resonates well.

Incorporating dynamic keyword insertion is important too. I see my highest click-through rates (CTRs) with those types of ads, but that requires that the ads, landing page[s], and keywords all align as the keyword the user searches is inserted into the ad. A great resource on what to expect for your CTRs was put together by Search Engine Journal’s Larry Kim and WordStream.

What is the value of retargeting for B2B technology brands? Is display something you advise in most PPC campaign strategies?

Definitely. As mentioned, display, and remarketing work great in branding as well as keeping clients engaged. Like any other marketing effort, it works best when combined with other marketing channels. Tying display to search campaigns increases brand awareness. Ensuring the display campaigns run in conjunction with email drops improves the likelihood of engagement and linking remarketing lists to an ad group in a campaign provides high visibility to users who has already interacted with you.

Thanks again to Chris Turner of ChocolateSEO for sharing some of his wisdom with us! You can follow Chris on Twitter and Facebook. This interview has been edited and condensed.

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