The 3 Keys to Winning B2B Buyer Trust [Video]

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During your buyer’s path to purchase, there are three key moments in which you’re most likely to win—or lose—your buyer’s business. Are you prepared to not only meet but exceed their expectations?

In this video, we’ll discuss the different stages of trust established throughout the business buyer’s decision-making process and why each one is an essential step toward winning the sale.


Trust is key. Understanding what it takes to earn your buyer’s trust will clear your path to success. All this information is also available as an infographic, which you can download right here.

View the text alternative for The B2B Buyer’s Trust Journey video below.

The B2B Buyer’s Trust Journey

As B2B buyers rely more heavily on “self-service” research and decision-making, winning trust is critical. Let’s explore the process.

1. Identify the problem

In the identification stage, your potential customer knows that they have an issue. They’re ready to take the initial steps toward addressing it.

2. Research solutions

The buyer embarks on the journey of discovery by researching solutions to their problem. This likely involves two primary paths: peer recommendations and independent online research.

3. Discovery

The prospect lands in your universe through any one or several common vehicles, including personal referrals, earned media articles, video, infographics, search marketing, and search results.

4. First Impression

They found you! This is the most important 8-11 seconds in your marketing cycle. It’s your chance to communicate the soul of your brand and what you do better than anyone else. Impressions made here either open or close the door to an opportunity — and all in the time it takes to scan the contents of a computer screen.

A strong first impression yields Initial Trust. It answers the question “Do they look like someone that knows their stuff and I want to identify with?”

Questions Buyers Are Asking:

Are they current?
Do I like how they look?
Do they know me?
Do they understand my problem?

5. Competence Assessment

If you pass the first impression and win initial trust, then you get to make your case. The buyer will dig deeper to learn if you really have what they need. This is where you let the prospect in on how you approach your solution and specifically address how you meet their needs.

If you substantiate your value proposition and seem qualified to solve their problem, you will earn Qualified Trust.

Questions Buyers Are Asking:

How do they stack up against the competition?
Do they address everything I need?
Did they surprise me with something better than I expected?
How well do they know me?
How well do they understand my problem?
What kind of success have they seen with others?

If you earn qualified trust — CONGRATULATIONS you are on your buyer’s SHORT LIST!

6. Initial Contact

You have been identified as a qualified top contender for solving their problem, and the prospect elects to reach out to you. The “self-service” portion of the sales cycle is over and now it is up to you.

The final stage of buyer trust is when the buyer to verify things in person to learn if you really are what you have said you are. If you surprise and delight them, you’ll ensure they need not look further — and you will have earned Verified Trust.

Questions Buyers Are Asking:

What is it going to be like working with them?
Do they have an easy path to deployment?
Does who they are match how they look and felt to this point?
Do they really know me?
Do they really understand my problem?

7. Closing Sequence

If you earn verified trust and your pricing is in line with expectations then you have removed all the obstacles and THE SALE IS YOURS.

Once the sale is made… Work to sustain the trust you have fought so hard to win. That happens through extraordinary service and ongoing improvements to your product. Make sure to ask your customers why they chose you, record their answers, and use that intel to direct your product development and marketing efforts.

Trust is key. Understanding and doing what it takes to earn your buyer’s trust through each phase of their journey will clear their path toward the adoption of your solution and speed your path to success.

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