The Technology Marketer’s “Competence Assessment” Checklist

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It’s no secret that your prospect is vetting you online before they ever reach out to a salesperson. We call this stage of research the “Competence Assessment” and it is one of the three keys to establishing trust with your prospective buyer.

During the Competence Assessment, buyers will be looking to discover how you stack up against the competition, what kind of success you’ve seen with others, and how well you understand them and their problem. And they will be making that assessment based almost exclusively on what they see from your digital footprint.

So how can you create an online presence that builds trust and positions your company as authoritative, credible, and forward-thinking? Use this checklist as a way to assess your digital presence and determine if you are providing your buyer with the information they need at this stage of their research and decision-making process:

Competence Assessment Checklist:

❑  User Experience Design

An exceptional user experience (UX) is critical for meeting customer expectations and standing apart from the competition. Are you providing users with a seamless, enjoyable experience?

❑  Brand & Visual Language

Branding is your mark on the world; it leads your customers toward understanding what to anticipate from you. Does your brand and visual language reflect the sophistication of your solution?

❑  Unique Value Proposition

Communicating consistently and clearly across all channels is the basis for strong, confident positioning strategy. What sets you apart from the competition? And are you communicating that to the marketplace in a way they understand?

❑  Problem-Solution Statements

If you want to attract customers and gain their trust, you must show how your technology will solve their most pressing problems and benefit them. Are you describing your products and services in solution-oriented words and images, or merely showcasing product features?

❑  Content That Speaks To Your Buyer’s Problem

Great content is absolutely essential for ushering target audiences into the sales funnel and promoting lead generation. Does yours position you as an industry-leading expert?

❑  Case Studies & Testimonials

Your prospective buyer wants evidence that your solution works. The most reliable source of that information is from your past and current clients, communicated through case studies. Do you have examples of previous “wins” that prospects can easily access?

How did you stack up? If you were able to place a checkmark next to each of these items, congratulations! You have effectively communicated your expertise and sophistication, demonstrated an understanding of their specific needs, and positioned your solution as the answer to their problem.

By passing the Competence Assessment, you have established yourself as one of the top contenders for their business — but it’s only one of the three hurdles you need to clear. Learn more about the three Trust Keys that you need to unlock in order to win your buyer’s trust and their business by downloading The B2B Buyer’s Trust Journey.

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