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Video Marketing Strategy, Positioning and Messaging

What Others are Saying:

Stephen Epstien, Kasisto
“The Golden Spiral team did a phenomenal job of listening, researching, and understanding what makes Kasisto unique. Then they collaborated with our team to create a messaging framework that clearly shows our value to the market. It’s transformed how our whole company talks about our solution, and the market is responding.”

Rob Metcalf, Concert Genetics
“When you bring in a consultant, the hope is they’ll bring something clearer, more evocative, more inspiring, and more infused with meaning than anything you’d come up with in a million whiteboard sessions on your own — that’s exactly what the Golden Spiral team did. We brought in great people to help us solve a problem. What we came away with far surpassed anything we could have done ourselves. It was exciting, and it’s been exciting ever since.”

Gina Cerami, Connotate
“The Golden Spiral team is a great extension of Connotate’s marketing team. We depend on their guidance and expertise. We have been able to optimize our online spending while increasing our leads-to-SQL ratio and know our funnel is in better shape because of their work.”‘

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