A Personal Message from John Farkas

Video Marketing Strategy, Positioning and Messaging

Are you trying to gain perspective and clarity? Take a walk with me through the woods to hear my thoughts on how to make it through these challenging days. We’re rallying our team to help our clients and I believe we can help you, too. With no obligation.

Gather your thoughts.
Plot your next steps.

Broad Knowledge

After almost a decade of working with a variety of sectors in HealthTech, we bring a cross-functional approach to your marketing. You get the best in class and tested thoughts.


Multiple Voices

We are a full-service, integrated agency. You’ll meet with a few voices so you get a well-rounded response tailored to your unique position. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach.


No Obligation

We mean it. We know the value of talking through a challenge with an objective third party. We want you to walk away from our session energized about the future. Taking next steps with us is in your hands.

Let's Talk

If you are interested in starting a conversation, start by contacting us here.

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