Our Name

What’s in a name? In our case, a lot. The Golden Spiral is the shape reflected in our logo.

It’s based on the golden ratio 1.618 discovered by famed Italian mathematician Fibonacci in 1202. It is considered by many to be the perfect form. It can be found in everything from the growth patterns of sunflower seeds to the way galaxies sprawl; the proportions of the human body demonstrate it, the Egyptians used it in the construction of the Pyramids, and the ancient Greeks followed it in the architecture of Athens.

So, what does it have to do with marketing?

This shape tells us something profound about our world: there are reasons certain things resonate with people. Some of these reasons are clear; some require more investigation to uncover. Working to understand why and how things connect is the secret to great market presence. It’s something we at Golden Spiral are particularly attuned to and are continuously striving to understand.

Wanting to connect a great HealthTech product to the market? There is a formula out there—and it is our job to discover it for you.

Golden Spiral Nature
Golden Spiral Human Hand
Golden Spiral in Flower
Golden Spiral Hurricane
Golden Spiral Parthenon
Golden Spiral Mona Lisa
Golden Spiral Ratio
Golden Spiral DNA
We approach our client relationships as a strategic partner.

If we can provide significant value to your organization, and you agree, we will move to our next steps together.

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