Case Study
ApolloLIMS: Separating a lab information management system brand apart from the tired herd.

The Apollo team was ready to challenge industry. Lab management like many healthcare related systems, is still grappling with manual systems paper-based processes and even those companies bringing automated solutions still look like relics from a bygone era. ApolloLIMS set out to dominate the market — just as the pandemic unfolded. The Apollo team adapted to the new environment readily, gained strong momentum, and recently became a desired acquisition for Clinisys, who singled out Apollo’s strong digital marketing presence as a meaningful asset.


ApolloLIMS provides information management software for lab testing facilities. The software helps labs keep track of samples, organize test results and share results with patients. They, engaged Golden Spiral to help them dominate a sleepy corner of the healthcare marketplace and become one of the strongest LIMS brands in the market.

Lay the Foundation
Competitive Research

Golden Spiral took a deep dive into what other LIMS were doing to take up mindshare and market share. Through key stakeholder interviews, digital audits, and other tools, we developed a clear picture of the market to ensure ApolloLIMS would be positioned in a unique and compelling way.

Apollo LIMS Case Study
Foundation Workshop

A one-day stakeholder summit built consensus and set the foundation for the critical work of defining the company’s market presence. Golden Spiral uncovered the soul of the ApolloLIMS brand, reviewed current challenges, mapped a vision for where the company hoped to be, and helped uncover the organization’s true “voice”.

Buyer Matrix℠

We used our proprietary methodology to take a deep dive into collaboratively mapping the ApolloLIMS customer, their problems, and the ApolloLIMS solutions to those problems. The Buyer Matrix℠ formed the foundation for crafting an effective market message for the company. Every aspect of the downstream strategy for ApolloLIMS — from visual language to website to marketing collateral — flows from the Buyer Matrix℠.

Apollo LIMS Case Study
Messaging Platform

From the Foundation Workshop, and building on the knowledge gained from the Buyer Matrix℠ process, Golden Spiral created the compelling top line language to connect ApolloLIMS to the market, clearly describe their offerings, and compel buyers to engage and convert.


New Tagline:

Apollo LIMS Tagline
Apollo LIMS Case Study
Logo Design

The logo needed to make a distinct and progressive statement to the market and become the visual anchor to differentiate the Apollo LIMS brand. From three interpretations, ApolloLIMS selected a bold, modern wordmark as their logo.


Apollo LIMS Logo
Visual Identity System

This system of branding strategy and brand assets represents the visual interpretation of ApolloLIMS story. In an industry awash in “healthcare blue,” the distinctive yellow clearly stands out. From the logo to the entire set of accompanying visual communication elements, we created a compelling look and feel for ApolloLIMS.

Apollo LIMS Visual Collaterals
Strategize the Launch

The ApolloLIMS website serves as the primary manifestation of the brand and is the company’s most important marketing asset. Golden Spiral developed an easily navigable site with dynamic visuals, content elements curated for every stage of the buyer’s journey, and fully optimized to ensure discoverability.

Launch Communications

Our team collaborated with Apollo to create a comprehensive campaign announcing the new brand to the market, generating momentum and providing an effective start to our demand generation efforts.

Apollo LIMS Case Study
Generate Demand
Demand Generation Activities

With foundation and launch completed, ApolloLIMS transitioned into a demand generation program to effectively attract and engage buyers.

Program Management
Content Marketing
Paid Media
Lead Nurturing
Performance Analytics
Demand Generation Program

We began by establishing key performance indicators to be tracked through the duration of the program. Content marketing, with an emphasis on a regular cadence of authoritative content, ongoing SEO, paid media campaigns to drive hyper-relevant buyers to the ApolloLIMS site, lead nurturing, and performance analytics formed the primary components of the demand generation program.

Apollo LIMS Case Study Apollo LIMS Case Study
Daniel Hart
Former CEO, ApolloLIMS
Before working with Golden Spiral, I was a bit skeptical about the value of digital marketing — especially when it came to our industry. But time and again, their assumptions were validated and together, we built a strong brand and market presence. I personally believe the strength of our marketing program was a critical factor in making us an attractive acquisition target for Clinisys, enabling them to seize new opportunities and quickly expand into community and public health diagnostics.

Digital transformation in any industry is hard. For lab management software, ApolloLIMS had to first convince laboratories to transition from paper-based systems to a LIMS, and then to educate them as to why ApolloLIMS was the best choice for that software. By equipping them with a digital marketing roadmap, we drove ApolloLIMS to gain significant traction in the market and build a playbook for marketing success.

Demand Generation

With a strong positioning platform in place, we develop ongoing initiatives that generate demand for your solution in the market and align with your business goals and KPIs. Our demand generation programs cover content marketing, lead nurturing, paid media, SEO, and performance measurement.

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