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Bringing Real-World Problem-Solving Front and Center

While competitors in the space lead with how their technology works, we centered Digital Reasoning’s brand and messaging around specific use cases in order to make the customer the hero of Digital Reasoning’s brand and bring real world problem-solving front and center.

The Challenge

It is cliche at this point in history to say “big data is transforming our world.” It is. The deeper you explore, the more comprehensive the transformation gets. Digital Reasoning is at the forefront of this transformation. Its cognitive computing platform, Synthesys, emulates the human learning process and applies it to the data it evaluates, putting it into context and making it actionable.

They got their start working with the federal government, Department of Defense and the intelligence community. We began our relationship with them several years ago as they started transposing their tools for use in the private sector. Since then, they have been successful in proving their value, securing marquee customers and substantial funding from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Nasdaq, and HCA just to name a few.

Their industry-leading technology solves a problem that is increasingly finding its way to the top of business leaders’ to-do lists: “How do we make sense of the giant mass of structured and unstructured data in our organization?” Digital Reasoning’s technology allows that to happen in extraordinary ways.

Previously, Digital Reasoning’s message revolved around how they do what they do because they were introducing a new technology and needed to explain its potential. Now, Digital Reasoning has realized substantial victories in several market verticals. They no longer need to be the only voice telling their story. They now have a crowd of excited customers who can join them in illustrating how they found a way to do something that dramatically changed how they are able to use their data.

The Digital Reasoning leadership team knew it was time to bring those stories forward and they were interested in exploring how best to do that.

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The Solution

We had the opportunity to take their brand leadership stakeholders on a retreat that we designed specifically to mine their brand stories. What we unearthed was a trove of rich narratives that highlighted several strong themes and outlined several meaningful distinctives around their brand. Everyone in the room was encouraged at what we watched come to light.

The retreat was the foundation of our positioning and visual identity efforts. We bolstered that foundation with a competitive analysis that gave us a clear view of how their market had evolved over the last couple of years and where they clearly stand out.

It has always been apparent to us that Digital Reasoning is far more than their technology; they’re focused on creating tools that empower people to make our world better — a very nuanced conversation when talking about artificial intelligence.

Power to Improve Your World Tagline
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Finding an intentional balance between their powerful technology and their passionate pursuit of people working to make the world a better place proved tricky. As we listened and wrestled through the process together, a tagline emerged: “Power to Improve Your World.” That phrase communicates Digital Reasoning’s commitment to offering technology solutions that help people do what they do better. Their people-first approach translates into everything Digital Reasoning creates, including products, marketing efforts, publications, and any other internal or external communications.

With the tagline as the north star, we needed a way to anchor their message to address real market problems. Another theme that kept showing up in our story mining was how the Digital Reasoning team comes alongside their customers, carefully listens to the problems they are facing and discovers creative ways to deploy their technology to solve the problem. Keeping in line with the human-centric focus of their work we wanted to build a campaign around this distinctive. The phrase we agreed perfectly captured this spirit is “We Found A Way.” The campaign would feature Digital Reasoning customers saying “We Found A Way to…[solve our specific problem].” The momentum and excitement this generated within the team was palpable.

While competitors in the space lead with how their technology works, we centered Digital Reasoning’s messaging around specific use cases in order to make the customer the hero of Digital Reasoning’s brand and bring real world problem-solving front and center. It also highlights the collaborative nature of Digital Reasoning’s approach to working with their customers.

“We initially hired Golden Spiral to help us completely reimagine our website and create a beautiful user experience. Through that process their team became trusted partners. We continue to rely upon the team at Golden Spiral to help us shape our brand and tell our story in beautiful ways.”

— Jason Beck —

Director of Communications

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