Fortified Health Security

Positioning a CyberSecurity Firm in the Healthcare Space

Fortified Health Security is a cybersecurity firm 100% focused on serving the healthcare market. They strengthen an organization’s overall security program by assessing risks, implementing safeguards to protect sensitive information and assisting with regulatory compliance. But, despite a strong value proposition, the way they presented themselves didn’t communicate the level of professionalism that customers expect from a high-level healthcare IT consultancy.

The Challenge

Healthcare has been slow to adapt their defense against cybersecurity threats and bad actors haven taken advantage of that. They have realized that healthcare data is incredibly valuable and historically less protected than other lucrative industries. For leaders in an industry where the risk of cyber attacks and breaches keeps climbing, partnering with a team that knows healthcare and cybersecurity — and can provide robust security solutions in a comprehensive and economical way — is essential.

When we first met Fortified, they were Fortified Health Solutions: a very young company focused in the cybersecurity arena. Their focus on and knowledge of healthcare combined with timely and much-needed capabilities, especially around their managed services framework, gave them a unique vantage point in the market. Despite a strong value proposition, the way they presented themselves didn’t have the level of professionalism that customers expect from a high-level healthcare IT consultancy.

Their outdated brand was limiting sales opportunities by giving the impression of an old company that was lagging behind rather than that of a new company that was responsive, energetic, and sophisticated.

Dan Dodson
Ryan Patrick

The Solution

We needed to position them as a leader in the healthcare security space by creating a brand presence targeted to the specific needs of their market. Everything from their name, website, and visual identity to their positioning, content, and collateral needed to be contemporary and forward-thinking; it needed to communicate that they belonged in healthcare and understood it.

Fortified’s articulation of their offerings was highly technical, rather than benefits-focused, making them inaccessible to potential customers.

We also created new categorization for core offerings through framing their marketecture. Fortified has a complicated set of services that span a broad spectrum of security; we wanted to make sure that they were explaining them in a way that that truly resonated with buyers. We worked with them to identify customer pain points and map their product/service offerings to speak directly to those needs. In doing so, we were able to surgically hone their messaging to communicate that Fortified clients can be confident in a strong security profile because they have a team of experts keeping them ahead of the latest threats in healthcare.

In conjunction with the new messaging, we did a complete visual rebranding including a new logo, color palette, stationery, and sales collaterals. When it came to design, we wanted to clearly communicate Fortified’s role in protecting the healthcare space, but we didn’t want to rely on cliche healthcare or cybersecurity imagery like shields or locks.

We wanted to clearly communicate Fortified’s role in protecting the healthcare space without relying on overused healthcare & cybersecurity imagery.

Our answer to this challenge, in both the new logo and larger visual system, was in the idea of a secure perimeter. The concept of building a “fortification” around healthcare clients was manifested in borders along the logo, website content blocks, animated icons, and elsewhere. By choosing a color, teal green, that is fairly uncommon in the space — but feels at home there — we helped create something that stands out while still speaking clearly to healthcare. Fortified’s dynamic new brand aesthetic was implemented across website, collateral, presentations, tradeshow, and more. By pushing the bounds of what a healthcare cybersecurity provider looked like, we were able to distinguish Fortified from their competitors.

With the new brand launch came the opportunity to introduce the Fortified Health Security to the media. We helped with strategic generation and distribution of content, directed ongoing public relations efforts, and developed a cadence to the release of thought leadership, such as the Horizon Report. We clarified their outreach approach to help maximize their database and provided strategic advice regarding events, videos, and trade show efforts. As a result of the relationship we’ve forged with them and coverage they’ve gotten as a result, Fortified is now well on their way to being seen as a leader in healthcare cybersecurity.

Golden Spiral is more than a marketing company, they are a business partner. Their team helped us reframe our service offerings and better position ourselves in the market. They really learned our business and provide us with continuous value. They are very knowledgeable and act as an extension of my team. I strongly recommend Golden Spiral and will use them for years to come.

— Dan L. Dodson —

President of Fortified Health Security

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