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Building a Demand Gen Program to Power the Lirio Personalization Engine for Digital Health

Lirio’s Personalization Engine for Digital Health combines behavioral science and AI to power hyper-personalized health consumer experiences that meaningfully improve health outcomes. The company began establishing its brand presence in the digital health space, only to be challenged by the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic a few months later. Over the course of the next two years, the company surmounted this ongoing challenge to implement a demand generation playbook designed to power its presence and growth in healthcare.


The company needed a marketing strategy and playbook to showcase a truly new and unique approach combining behavioral science and AI to power hyper-personalized health consumer experiences. They needed to effectively communicate that value proposition to a market already crowded with more conventional patient engagement-focused digital health solutions.

Beginning with the Brand Foundation Workshop, brand development, positioning, and a robust demand generation program, Lirio established strong brand awareness in the market.

Lay the Foundation
Competitive Research

To understand how other companies with patient engagement solutions — especially around messaging — Golden Spiral examined half a dozen near competitors on a range of factors, including messaging and market positioning, visual identity, solutions and services, and overall online presence. We continued to monitor and evaluate competitors over time.

Foundation Workshop

To discover and define the soul of a brand, Golden Spiral led Lirio stakeholders through a process designed to help them deeply understand the customer, see the true competitive landscape, and identify the actual problems their clients face. Golden Spiral provided them with a North Star for where the company needs to go b and put them on a path towards refining their brand and messaging.

Buyer Matrix℠

Golden Spiral used the Buyer Matrix℠, a proprietary methodology, to fully map the Lirio client, their problems, and how Lirio solves them. It’s a process Golden Spiral returned to several times in the course of our engagement with Lirio, as Lirio’s client priorities and issues shifted over time.

Messaging Platform

From the initial Workshop and Buyer Matrix℠ efforts, Golden Spiral got to work. We created a decisive, engaging narrative to connect Lirio to the market, clearly describe their unique value proposition and offerings, and bring buyers into the sales funnel. In response to changing market forces, and with a further definition of their product offering, the messaging platform was recently updated, but the tagline remains:


New Tagline:

Visual Identity System

Lirio’s visual identity system needed to lift the company above the “healthcare blue” sameness, and forcefully illustrate the humanizing, pioneering, and trustworthy attributes of the company’s behavior science and AI-enabled Personalization Engine. A bold orange and deep green palette supports a relaxed, open logo treatment, and is punctuated by a hexagon-to-circle continuum graphic to connote how Lirio’s technology supports health consumers at every step of their healthcare journey.

Strategize the Launch

As the company’s most compelling marketing asset, the website needed to reflect Lirio’s new visual identity and updated logo. Under a compressed time frame, Golden Spiral provided a powerful update to the website to position the company for its coming demand generation campaigns.

Generate Demand
Demand Generation Activities

With messaging platform and a revised website in hand, it was time to shape strategic, consistent communication with Lirio prospects and bring them into the Lirio pipeline with a detailed demand generation playbook, complete with updated Lirio KPIs. From establishing brand awareness to meeting sales and recruiting needs, Lirio’s demand generation strategy and playbook covered the marketing waterfront.

Content Marketing
Paid Media
Performance Analytics
Content Marketing

Foundational to any Demand Gen plan is a consistent, strong cadence of new website content. Golden Spiral developed a mosaic of blog posts, infographics, and other rich content pieces, sales sheets, and an explainer video designed to meet prospects at every stage of their buyer journey. 


All that content won’t go very far toward bringing prospects into the sales funnel without a well-orchestrated SEO strategy to support it. Basic SEO (title and description updates, image optimizations, etc.), joined with advanced SEO efforts such as backlink outreach, core web vitals, and conversion optimizations keep the Lirio site easily discoverable. Once there, content and SEO work together to keep prospects engaged on the site, resulting in multiple pageviews per user visit and an extraordinarily high amount of time on the site.

Performance Analytics

Monthly performance analytics reports, detailing everything from page search and traffic results to top-ranking keywords and social media activity provide Lirio with a regular snapshot of marketing performance and allow Lirio and Golden Spiral to work collaboratively, and to make appropriate adjustments to keep Lirio’s demand gen engine humming. 

Patrick Hunt
Chief Evangelist
There’s an abundance of digital health solutions out there claiming to move patients to better health outcomes, and it can be tough to elevate your brand above the din. Working alongside Golden Spiral, we were able to articulate a clear, compelling message to the market and put us on a continuous path to spark interest, raise brand awareness, and drive leads through our funnel.

Launching a game-changing solution into the patient engagement ecosystem requires a firm understanding of healthcare and all its complexity — especially as healthcare contended with one pandemic-driven challenge after another. Lirio relied on Golden Spiral to build a firm marketing foundation, and to shape a calm, consistent voice that spoke to the market and helped impact leads and sales conversations.

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