Case Study

SureTest: Bringing the Pioneer of EHR Test Automation to Market

Launching a healthcare company in the midst of a pandemic is challenging, even when the company has a strong product and market fit. By taking an integrated marketing approach, the company was able to form its marketing efforts into a cohesive whole, where each component reinforces the other. The company has built a solid marketing foundation as it eyes its next phase of growth.

SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study

Every time an EHR system upgrades, expands, or in any way changes, it has to be tested to ensure it is functioning properly. During this time, the average health system spends tens of thousands of hours of clinician and IT analyst time, and the costs are astronomical. SureTest removes that burden and the company is seeking to quickly dominate the market.

Golden Spiral developed and implemented a strategic marketing launch plan to achieve ambitious lead generation, brand awareness, thought leadership, and online presence goals.

Lay the Foundation
Competitive Research

To inform clear and meaningful differentiation, we started with a deep analysis of the marketing presence for SureTest’s key competitors. Since they have no direct competitors, we explored others taking up space in the conversations around IT automation and looked at their positioning, messaging, and tactics to get a picture of what it will take to outdistance the competition.

SureTest Case Study
Foundation Workshop

This stakeholder summit built consensus and set a foundation for the critical work of defining SureTest’s market presence. From exploring current challenges and future opportunities to establishing the fundamental elements of the company’s unique value proposition, we uncovered the soul of SureTest’s brand.

SureTest Case Study
Buyer Matrix℠

We used our proprietary methodology to take a deep dive into understanding the SureTest customer, their problems, and the SureTest solutions to those problems. The Buyer Matrix℠ formed the foundation for crafting an effective market message for the company. Every aspect of the downstream strategy for SureTest — from visual language to website to marketing collateral — flows from the Buyer Matrix℠.

SureTest Case Study
Messaging Platform

Out of the Foundation Workshop and building on the knowledge gained from the Buyer Matrix℠, Golden Spiral created a compelling, impressive narrative to connect SureTest to the market, clearly describe their offerings, and compel buyers to engage and convert.


New Tagline:

SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
Logo Design

As the anchor for SureTest’s overall visual brand language, the logo needed to clearly differentiate the company. From three interpretations, SureTest selected the lightning bolt-inspired mark, which also echoes the “S” in SureTest. Together, it reflects the modular aspect of the SureTest solution and creates a sense of speed and power. SureTest executives have even translated the logo into their own cufflinks and earrings!


SureTest Case Study
Visual Identity System

This system of branding strategy and brand assets represents the soul of the SureTest brand in visual form and comprises the visual interpretation of the soul of the SureTest brand. From the logo to the entire set of accompanying visual communication elements, we created a unique look and feel for the SureTest brand.

SureTest Case Study
Strategize the Launch

This is every company’s most important marketing asset and must be the primary manifestation of any company’s brand. The SureTest site is no exception, with clear navigation, dynamic visual representation, and full optimization for discoverability.

Launch Communications

There’s only one chance for a well-executed company launch. Golden Spiral capitalized on this strategic opportunity for SureTest with the key messages, campaigns, and assets necessary to carry the launch news to the market. The campaigns for SureTest included email campaigns, content marketing, paid search and social, a webinar, and more.

SureTest Case Study
Generate Demand
Demand Generation Activities

SureTest transitioned into a demand generation program to sustain the strategic marketing initiatives begun during the launch plan phase.

Digital Audit & Kickoff
Program Management
Content Marketing
Paid Media
Lead Nurturing
Performance Analytics
Demand Generation Program

We began by updating the launch plan KPIs to reflect longer-term goals and strategies, and deploying specific tactics aimed at achieving them. A robust content marketing program, a well-optimized website for maximum discoverability and engagement, paid media campaigns to drive hyper-relevant buyers to the SureTest site, carefully crafted email campaigns and workflows, and monthly reporting of performance analytics comprised the core components of the ongoing program.

SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study
SureTest Case Study SureTest Case Study
Laura O'Toole
Chief Executive Officer
Marketing is an asset that increases in value over time. We needed a strategic partner to advance our marketing goals and properly position us for success in the marketplace over the long haul. We found that partner in Golden Spiral. They are keenly empathetic, thorough, and supportive of the work we do. The have helped us at every step of the journey, and continue to do so today.

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