Branding & Positioning

We create a compelling brand position by focusing on your buyers and uncovering your unique solutions to their problems.

Differentiation is essential.

Most healthcare technology companies struggle to clearly communicate their solution to decision makers who have little time to sift through the various solutions in a crowded market. Strong positioning will allow you to understand what problems your buyers face and connect the soul of your company to what the market needs. Our Branding & Positioning programs are designed to help B2B HealthTech companies achieve differentiation and establish a profound market presence.

Program Outcomes:
  • Clear view of what your buyers are searching for and what competitors are doing
  • Cohesive messaging platform & stakeholder alignment
  • Visual identity system that sets you apart and inspires confidence
  • Website page list & navigation to clearly communicate your message digitally

Competitive Marketing Analysis

The first step towards differentiating from your competitors is knowing what they are doing now.

This robust marketing analysis will assess the activity of up to 5 of your competitors and will highlight what colors, fonts, photography style, illustrations, keywords, and messages your competitors are using to communicate to your market. We will also outline what they are doing in the digital space (SEO and paid media) to try to drive demand for their product. This information will help us gain a picture of what it will take to overtake them with a targeted and defined market presence.

Foundation Workshop

A stakeholder summit designed to promote alignment around your unique market value, and picture of the horizon.

We will work with your stakeholders to extract critical insights about your history, values, product, and differentiators, and facilitate alignment around overall company direction. This session will build consensus and set a foundation for the critical work of defining your market presence. We know this is valuable time, and we don’t treat it lightly.

We will uncover:

  • The soul of your organization
  • The fundamental elements of your unique value proposition
  • Your current picture — challenges you face
  • Your vision for the future — where you hope to be
  • Your organization’s “voice”

Buyer Matrix℠

The Buyer Matrix℠ is our proprietary methodology for mapping real buyer problems to your solutions to create an effective messaging platform.

This is a collaborative deep dive into understanding your customers. Using the last part of the workshop, we’ll uncover the real and specific needs that drive them, determining how your message needs to be structured to compel them to explore your offerings. Every aspect of the downstream strategy, from visual language to website to marketing collateral, flows from this tool.

Messaging Platform

Your messaging platform is the top line language you need to connect with your market, clearly describe your offerings, and compel buyers to engage and convert.

We will take what we learn in the workshop and from the Buyer Matrix℠ and apply it to create a compelling, impressive narrative that connects with the market and inspires them to dive deeper and understand why what you offer is so clearly different than the rest.

We will help you create and define:

  • Brand Archetype & Voice
  • Company Tagline
  • Problem/Solution Statements
  • Unique Value Propositions
  • Offering Headlines, Features, and Benefits
  • Industry Vertical Statements

Visual Identity System

The Visual Identity System is made up of branding strategy & brand assets that embody the soul of your organization, reinforce your UVP, and clearly differentiate your product in the market.

Once we have your story told in narrative form we will apply that understanding to create your visual brand identity. We can create a look and feel that is unique to you and serves to underscore your distinct substance and value. This system can include your logo, typography, colors, photography and graphic styles, and more. If your current logo is effective, we can build a visual identity system around it. Lastly, we can create a Brand Guide to help your team maintain a strong visual brand for years to come.

It works.

Our Branding & Positioning programs lead to clear results. Here is what it’s looked like for some of our clients.

Bringing the Pioneer of EHR Test Automation to Market

Feeling good about your brand foundation?

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