Demand Generation

We drive B2B marketing initiatives proven to produce leads and generate demand in the HealthTech industry.

Demand Generation is all about driving leads.

While you are trying to find and nurture new prospects into leads, your prospects are searching for solutions to their problems. Demand Generation is the process of building awareness and interest in your company’s product or service by creating and serving valuable content that answers your prospects’ most urgent questions. Our Demand Generation programs are built to help you understand your buyer’s problems, create valuable content that answers those questions, and continually feed your prospects that content until they are nurtured into marketing qualified leads.

Program Outcomes:
  • Significant increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
  • Higher quality leads
  • Significant increase in organic search results
  • Increasingly effective website platform
  • Clear view of key performance indicators and growth
  • Deep library of valuable, long-term content (articles, case studies, email newsletters, etc.)

Program Foundation

Program Design

Before beginning a demand generation program, we will work with your team to design the right program activities and strategies that will be most effective to achieve your goals and compliment your team. With a clear program established and a contract in place, we will initiate the program foundation.

Buyer Matrix℠

If you have not gone through our Branding & Positioning process, we start by creating a Buyer Matrix℠ that maps your buyers’ problems to your solution, to ensure we have a deep understanding of who your target audiences are.

Account Acclimation

We will review your digital presence by analyzing what you are doing today and where you currently rank against your competitors. Our team will review your website, SEO, SEM, content, and social platforms to ensure we build upon what exists and fill the gaps we uncover.

Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Using what we learned from the buyer matrix and account acclimation, we will review your response to our detailed program questionnaire to understand the current state of your business and your goals to establish the program KPIs, outlining your baselines and growth goals to ensure we use real data to steer the program as we progress.

Program Management

Standing Weekly Meeting

We maintain a weekly standing meeting to ensure the program is on track and that both teams remain aligned on the objectives. If we need to review any deliverables and dive deeper into analytics, we use this time to do so.

3-Month Program Review

This meeting is used to review the results of the previous quarter and to set the stage for the following quarter. We will review activities and deliverables achieved the previous quarter, review the key performance indicators, discuss the coming quarter’s initiatives and adjust any KPIs accordingly.

Ongoing Program Adjustments

As we get deeper into the program, priorities may shift and new opportunities may arise. We will work dynamically with your team to identify and implement necessary adjustments to the program as things progress.

Content Marketing

To create compelling content that builds brand awareness and drives leads, you need a carefully crafted strategy focused on four key areas: output, quality, engagement, and diversity.

We create comprehensive editorial calendars, ensuring a consistent cadence of authoritative content that addresses buyer needs and motives action. After we help establish a comprehensive content strategy, our efforts focus specifically on your blog, social media, rich content, and email campaigns.

  • Monthly Editorial Calendar (Tool setup, Article Topics, Article Categories, SEO Keyword Categories, Buyers, Funnel Stages, Gated Resources, Article Topic Backlog, etc.)
  • Blog article writing, editing, optimization, supporting visuals, and publishing
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Rich Content Development (White Papers, Case Studies, eBooks, One-Pagers)
  • Email Copy
  • Video Scripts

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Lead Nurturing & Automation

Most sales cycles in healthcare take time. We can guide your prospects through the buyer’s journey and feed them the right content to maximize conversion.

We will develop lead nurturing campaigns to target your different market segments. These campaigns and workflows can incorporate emails, landing pages, organic content, paid content, rich content, webinars, and more to guide prospects deeper into the funnel and maximize your opportunity for conversion. Our team reviews and refines data to ensure it aligns with your marketing goals, keeping your automations up to date and continuing to generate leads.

  • Email Nurture Campaigns
  • Workflow & Automation Setup
  • CRM Integration & Support
  • Email Newsletters
  • A/B Testing and Campaign Optimizations
  • Blog Promotion Emails
  • Webinar & Event Promotion

Paid Media

Put your brand in front of the right prospects at the right time.

A robust paid media strategy drives hyper-relevant buyers to your website so you can generate leads fast. We focus our efforts specifically on search engine marketing (SEM), paid social, and display advertising to reach your target audiences quickly and effectively, tailoring each campaign to your audience and key business objectives.

  • Campaign Ad Copy and Creative
  • Platform Setup & Optimization
  • Audience Building & Remarketing
  • Paid Search Campaign Management
  • Paid Social Campaign Management

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Increase your search visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

SEO is a long-term strategy to help drive organic traffic to your website. Search engine algorithms are built to feed users the most relevant and quality content, so that they favor the websites and content they see as most credible. You can perform ongoing SEO by optimizing your content with high-value keywords, by driving external links back to your website to enhance your site credibility, and by performing maintenance updates to make sure your website adapts to the evolving algorithms. With a mix of on-site and off-site activities, we will ensure you are easily found by your target prospects.

  • Onsite Optimizations (meta data, descriptions, image optimization, content optimizations)
  • Monitoring, Addressing Errors, and Mapping Redirects
  • Algorithm Updates
  • Relational Backlink Support

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Performance Analytics

How do you know if your marketing efforts are paying off? How do you measure success?

We use performance analytics to identify which marketing strategies and tactics yield the best results. These insightful metrics look at engagement, conversion, and acquisition to assess the effectiveness of your demand generation program. This analysis helps us continually optimize efforts to grow brand awareness, gain more leads, and increase sales. Using audience segmentation, we also uncover opportunities for targeting and personalization, which helps move potential customers further down the funnel.

All KPIs are integrated directly into monthly reporting and live dashboards for accountability and context.

  • Performance Dashboard Setup
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • 3-Month KPI Refresh
  • Quarterly Board/Leadership Meeting Reporting

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Graphic Design

We have a talented design department equipped to handle ongoing design needs.

Each company’s design needs are different, but we can help you develop the content and design for ongoing or one-off collateral including:

  • Presentation Decks
  • Process Graphics
  • Trade Show Booth & Collateral
  • White Papers
  • Annual Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Emails
  • Digital and Print Ads
  • Social Graphics
  • Sales Collaterals
Collateral Mockups

Website Support

As your company evolves, your website should evolve alongside it.

Many companies rebuild their website every few years, but it is important to evolve and optimize your website on an ongoing basis. Our team can help you prioritize what pages need to be updated, create the copy, design, graphics, and coding to implement the changes you need to be successful.

  • Landing Pages & Microsites
  • Site Architecture Consulting
  • Header and Footer Rebuilds
  • Individual Page Rebuild
  • Platform Migration
  • CRM Support
  • Content Updates
  • CMS & Plug-In Updates
Website Mockup

It works.

Our Demand Gen programs lead to clear results. Here is what it’s looked like for some of our clients.

140 %

Marketing Qualified Leads

Bringing the Pioneer of EHR Test Automation to Market

111 %

Marketing Qualified Leads

Separating a lab information management system brand apart from the tired herd

171 %

Total Web Traffic

Building a Demand Gen Program for the Personalization Engine for Digital Health

Not quite ready for Demand Gen?

We believe it is always the right time to start a demand generation program… but you may be feeling the need for better brand positioning.

Branding & Positioning

We create a compelling visual brand and messaging platform by focusing on your buyers and communicating your unique solutions to their problems.

Website & Collateral

We bring your brand and message to market through an engaging, lead-focused website and well-targeted marketing and sales collateral.


Our offerings were intentionally designed to help Healthcare technology companies move and respond to a fast changing market.


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