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Design Services

Elevating your brand to match the sophistication of your technology

Often in the B2B tech space, companies focus so much on the design and usability of their product that their own brand falls by the wayside. Golden Spiral helps you give your brand the attention it deserves.

Great design is the difference between a mediocre brand and one that stands out from your competitors and compels your audience to interact with you. With creative artists from many disciplines, our team is well-versed in using imagery, graphics, photography, and other design elements to convey complex technology concepts in a powerful way.

Common Challenges

Does your company’s brand match the sophistication of your technology, or does it feel dated and unoriginal? We work closely with you to enhance the quality of your brand and overcome common design challenges:

  • You don’t have a graphic designer in house and must rely on the basic design skills of your internal marketing team.
  • You can’t seem to break out of the design norm or “what’s always been done.”
  • You struggle to maintain brand consistency across multiple platforms and marketing touch points.
  • You need help managing the design of a large, one-off project, such as a new website, logo, or campaign.


Design is a critical component of brand development and manifestation; you need a visual identity that reflects who you are and the value you bring to your market. We create and establish the foundational elements of your brand, including logo, color palette, typography system, image direction, and big picture metaphors and themes. These then become brand standards for you to follow when promoting your company to the market.


Brand Assets

With a brand foundation in place, the next step is to develop a library of brand assets that can be used for all marketing materials. Our team works with you to determine the assets you need based on your corporate visual identity, product offerings, target audiences, and more. We design the assets in a manner that is consistent with the rest of your brand and allows for easy application on a variety of mediums.

Potential assets include:

  • Icon Sets
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Process Graphics

Sales & Marketing Support

A robust content marketing plan includes a range of materials to promote your company messages and support your sales team’s efforts. Each of these materials needs a sophisticated design to reflect your brand identity. Our design team works in tandem with our content team to conceptualize and create the following marketing pieces, ensuring a cohesive look across the board:

  • Presentation Decks
  • Process Graphics
  • Trade Show Booth & Collaterals
  • White Papers
  • Annual Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Emails
  • Digital and Print Ads
  • Social Graphics
  • Sales Collaterals


Your website is one of the first impressions a company makes to prospective customers. If your site appears outdated, clunky, or off-putting, your audience may perceive your company, products, and services as unreliable. That’s why we believe web design must be founded on research and strategy, and exercised with empathy and vision. We identify who will use your site, engineer pathways catered to those users, and deliver an intuitive experience that amplifies your brand and stands out from the competition.


Campaign Creative

If you want to grow a specific business segment, promote a new offering, enter a new market, or ramp up your marketing presence before a big event, you’ll need to launch a targeted campaign. Our team can help lead this from start to finish. We conceptualize an overarching theme and message, design supporting high-level creative elements, and handle tactical execution. From targeted emails and paid search ads to website updates and promotional materials, we carry out the campaign with integrity and intentionality.

Don’t need each component of marketing?

We support HealthTech companies with proven programs crafted to support your objectives at any point in your company’s journey.

Demand Generation

We drive B2B marketing initiatives proven to produce leads and generate demand in the HealthTech industry.

Branding & Positioning

We create a compelling visual brand and messaging platform by focusing on your buyers and communicating your unique solutions to their problems.

Website & Collateral

We bring your brand and message to market through an engaging, lead-focused website and well-targeted marketing and sales collateral.


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