In-House Capability

Paid Media

Put your brand in front of the right prospects at the right time.

A robust paid media strategy drives hyper-relevant buyers to your website so you can generate leads fast.

At Golden Spiral, we create and implement paid media campaigns across search engines, display networks, and social media platforms, tailoring each campaign to your audience and key business objectives.

We focus our efforts specifically on search engine marketing (SEM), paid social, and display advertising to reach your target audiences quickly and effectively.

Program Onboarding

Before beginning paid media marketing activities, Golden Spiral completes strategic foundational work that provides a clear path to follow throughout our partnership with you. This includes:

  • Buyer Matrix: We develop a matrix that maps your buyers’ problems to your unique solutions to guide an empathetic approach.
  • Digital Audit: We perform a digital audit of your current marketing activity to create a baseline understanding of your market presence.
  • KPI Development: We establish measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your business and marketing goals, such as website traffic, leads generated, form submissions, and more.

Search Engine Marketing

A website isn’t fully serving its purpose if it doesn’t drive leads through your sales funnel. SEM is fuel for your brand’s visibility: paid advertising can quickly increase impressions by catapulting your products or services to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).

At Golden Spiral, we create a robust SEM strategy that combines core elements of your brand’s search visibility: content, technology, backlinks/citation, and authority. As a first step, we identify which search platforms your targeted buyers engage with throughout their buying journey and determine the appropriate SEM strategy to get the most out of your paid media efforts and dollars.

Paid Search

Paid search is intent-driven advertising; it provides a highly effective way to reach buyers searching for a specific solution. Employing an auction-based model, paid search allows brands to bid on the opportunity to have their ads displayed above (or below) organic search engine results when users search specific keywords.

The Golden Spiral team guides you in the process of investing in Google and/or Bing search ads that show up in search results for target keywords. We work with you to determine an appropriate budget for each campaign that promotes your brand and drives relevant buyers to your website.

For maximum impact, we often combine SEO tactics with paid search, which can also include remarketing. This approach lands your solutions directly in front of your target audience by moving your business to the top of the search results for relevant keywords and phrases.

We then implement tactics to refine each campaign, including aligning headline and ad copy with keywords and optimizing landing pages to improve user experience. We continuously monitor search trends, respond to platform updates and maximize your campaigns – deploying A/B tests to determine the most effective ad creatives. This ongoing maintenance ensures compliance and best practices with each platform, maximizing return on investment (ROI).

Search Remarketing

Remarketing is another component of a successful SEM strategy. It allows businesses to reach previous site visitors and target those users who may be closer to making a purchase decision.

We can specifically target these audiences by creating custom-tailored campaigns that further address their needs. You gain more high-value prospects and meaningful conversions as a result.

At Golden Spiral, we use organic and paid search data, along with web analytics to identify users within a target audience. This insight helps determine which content is highly favorable. We then push this content to social media platforms where target users are likely to trigger engagements. We can also use this data to further grow your leads by finding lookalike audience members who closely “resemble” your engaged and converting audience.

Paid Social

We create organic and sponsored social media posts to drive traffic to your site, drawing attention to your brand.

With paid social media, you can rapidly gain traffic, views, and engagement. The Golden Spiral team analyzes demographic information collected from social channels and web analytics to determine where your target audience is most engaged.

For maximum engagement, we tailor a content strategy around your target buyers with organic social posts and sponsored social ads. We can then retarget customers and control the advertising frequency on social platforms.

Display Advertising

A paid advertising plan may also include Google display ads that feature text, images, and/or videos across the Google Display Network (GDN), including more than 2 million Google-owned properties. Much like paid search, display advertising quickly drives hyper-relevant buyers to your website.

If designed right, display ads can gain lots of attention from viewers. Not only that, but they support brand awareness by introducing and reinforcing who you are (gaining you more industry mindshare), something increasingly necessary in a crowded and noisy marketplace.

At Golden Spiral, our team will help you leverage display ads to target your most relevant audiences. We set specific parameters, such as demographics, to ensure advertising efforts target the right people. We also deploy A/B tests to ensure we’re using the most effective images and videos in tandem with compelling ad copy.

Don’t need each component of marketing?

We support HealthTech companies with proven programs crafted to support your objectives at any point in your company’s journey.

Demand Generation

We drive B2B marketing initiatives proven to produce leads and generate demand in the HealthTech industry.

Branding & Positioning

We create a compelling visual brand and messaging platform by focusing on your buyers and communicating your unique solutions to their problems.

Website & Collateral

We bring your brand and message to market through an engaging, lead-focused website and well-targeted marketing and sales collateral.


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