Website & Collateral

We bring your brand and message to market through an engaging, lead-focused website and well-targeted marketing and sales collateral.

The assets you need to drive adoption of your solution.

When your brand foundation is established, you need assets to share your message with the market. Your website is the primary hub for driving your message online. We lead the strategic design and development of your site to not only display your brand, but also enhance your online visibility and drive leads through your funnel. This then sets the stage for successful demand generation efforts. Additionally, we can create a corporate sales deck and other key collateral to use when introducing your company to prospective customers and partners. These resources serve as a way to align your new brand with your sales goals, processes, and messages.

Program Outcomes:
  • A website platform focused towards communicating your solution and capturing leads
  • The assets your sales team needs to close deals
  • An initial library of case studies, white papers, and one-sheets to aid with late-stage funnel activity
We engaged with Golden Spiral because we needed a comprehensive website. What we got was a partner who provided us a business and marketing solution. The entire team did more listening than talking, asked questions that challenged our own thinking, and guided us on the entire journey. And we now know that “day one” of the launch wasn’t the end, rather the beginning.
Mark Willis
SVP & Chief Communications Officer, LHC Group


Your website is the primary manifestation of your brand and the destination for all online engagement efforts.

Your website is the first place prospects will go to learn about you. All of your digital efforts should point back to your site, which means it needs to be strategically designed, developed, and optimized for your audience. That’s a lot to consider, and a lot of moving parts to manage. We can help you define the user flow, write the copy, design a user-focused experience, and develop and launch the site in a manner that draws in and converts leads.

  • Strategy & Content Architecture
  • Copy Outlines & Writing
  • Design & UX
  • Graphic, Illustration, Icon, and Photography Design
  • Front-End and Back-End Site Development
  • Integrations & Automations (CRM, Forms, Career Portals, Advanced Integrations)
  • SEO
  • Launch, Testing, and Post-Launch SEO

Key Collateral

Making sure your brand assets present a unified clear message to the market is essential. We will identify and create the elements you need to ensure you are prepared to make the right impression. 

  • Presentation Decks
  • Sales Sheets
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Trade Show Booth & Collaterals
  • Business Cards & Email Signatures
  • Process Graphics
  • Stationary/Letterhead
  • Social Channel Design
  • Emails Newsletter Template

Launch Strategy & Communications

Introducing something new to the market is an important moment for your company. We will help ensure you’re ready to capitalize on this strategic opportunity.

Our program provides the elements you need to to lead and communicate changes, establish common language and promote strong unity and understanding internally. Then, we will work with you to develop the messages, campaigns and assets need to carry the news to your market

  • Brand Reveal Plan
  • Announcement Messaging
  • Brand Reveal Presentation
  • Brand Review Session
  • Announcement Campaign Strategy
  • Press Release Outline
  • Announcement Campaign Assets
  • Announcement Launch Blog Article

It works.

This integrated approach has lead to proven results. Here is what it’s looked like for some of our clients.

Bringing the Pioneer of EHR Test Automation to Market
When you bring in a consultant the hope is they’ll bring something clearer, more evocative, more inspiring, and more infused with meaning than anything you’d come up with in a million white board sessions on your own — that’s exactly what the Golden Spiral team did. We brought in great people to help us solve a problem. What we came away with far surpassed anything we could have done ourselves. It was exciting, and it’s been exciting ever since.
Rob Metcalf
CEO, Concert Genetics
We initially hired Golden Spiral to help us completely reimagine our website and create a beautiful user experience. Through that process their team became trusted partners. We continue to rely upon the team at Golden Spiral to help us shape our brand and tell our story in beautiful ways.
Jason Beck
Director of Digital Communications, Digital Reasoning

Don’t need each component of marketing?

We support HealthTech companies with proven programs crafted to support your objectives at any point in your company’s journey.

Demand Generation

We drive B2B marketing initiatives proven to produce leads and generate demand in the HealthTech industry.

Branding & Positioning

We create a compelling visual brand and messaging platform by focusing on your buyers and communicating your unique solutions to their problems.


Our offerings were intentionally designed to help Healthcare technology companies move and respond to a fast changing market.


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