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Website Development

Creating a digital hub for your marketing strategy

Your website is the hub of your marketing strategy; it’s the first place prospects will go to learn about you. All of your digital efforts should point back to your site, which means it needs to be strategically designed, developed, and optimized for your audience. That’s a lot to consider, and a lot of moving parts to manage.

Golden Spiral’s experts can help you define the user flow, write the copy, design a user-focused experience, and develop and launch the site in a manner that draws in and converts leads.

Common Challenges

Is your website an accurate representation of your company and an effective hub for all marketing activities? If it falls short in achieving these purposes, we can help you turn it around. We work with you to overcome common website challenges:

  • You need to update or rebuild your website to support a recent rebrand.
  • Your website’s user experience is not lead-focused.
  • You have new company positioning or a new product that needs to be weaved into your existing website.
  • Your website design is outdated and doesn’t stand out from your competition.
  • You want to move beyond a landing page with basic company information and develop a complete site with content mapped to your buyers’ needs.
  • You don’t have a way to track your website activity and page performance data on a regular basis.

Site Strategy & Planning

A new or updated website represents a significant change for your company, and we don’t take that lightly. That’s why we spend time and effort upfront to clearly understand your biggest website needs and overarching marketing goals. We then use this information to guide our website strategy and project plan.

Our site strategy and planning services include:

Existing Site Audit

Regardless of how your current site looks, there is valuable insight we can garner. We conduct an audit of your existing website to identify what’s working well and what needs to be improved. This includes using analytics tools to gather data on site traffic, average time spent on pages, bounce rates, and more. Taking this data-driven approach allows us to build upon what is already working and create the site in a way that will drive the results you want.

Goals & KPIs

Why do you need a new site? Do you want it to be an online brochure to support sales, a content engine meant to drive leads, or a showcase of your culture to attract talent? We work with you to determine and prioritize what purposes you want your site to serve and outline corresponding goals. Additionally, we create key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with each goal, so we can accurately measure project success.


We don’t just make a list of pages that need to exist on your site. We survey your team to define the needs, dig into the analytics to see what existing pages are attracting users, and study your personas to draw up the general page architecture, ensuring alignment with the decided-upon goals and KPIs. This sitemap outlines the top-level navigation and recommended pages for each section, and provides initial details on page layouts.

User Flow Mapping

We take the sitemap and then chart user pathways throughout the site for each of your target buyers, based on their specific pain points. This user flow mapping exercise informs the content, design, and calls-to-action used on each page.

Content Architecture

We create a comprehensive content outline that serves as a roadmap for content development on each web page. This is done in collaboration with your team, ensuring we convey the most salient messages to your audiences.

Site Creation

With a clear and strategic picture of what needs to be created, Golden Spiral can handle all components of your website project, from content to design to search engine optimization (SEO) to development. Our integrated team of specialists ensures each piece works in concert and supports your goals and KPIs.

Content Creation

Using the sitemap, user flow mapping, and content architecture, our content strategists develop copy for each page on your site. We bring your messaging, product and company-specific information, as well as our SEO insights together to create the right content in the right places. We can also provide copyediting support if you prefer to take the lead on copy development.

Content Marketing Services

Design & UX

Our web design framework combines both Lean and Agile principles into a highly effective, data-driven process. We create beautiful and engaging designs that support the user flow and guide your buyers to the solutions they need during all stages of the buyer’s journey. We incorporate your brand assets and other critical design elements in your visual identity to ensure a cohesive look with the rest of your brand and use them to craft experiences that will surprise and delight your buyers.

Design Services


Once we finalize the website design, we build out the site, employing features and functionality that enhance the user experience. Our team completes all development in-house and uses technology to further your objectives, not just enhance them. We develop code that is clean, logically structured, well-noted, and easy to understand. And, we train your team to edit the backend of your content management system (CMS) for future updates.


SEO is a critical component of any successful website. We conduct thorough keyword research to identify high opportunity search terms that you want to rank for. We then weave these keywords into the website copy and apply SEO best practices during site development. Following the site launch, we can monitor SEO performance and continuously optimize your site for increased visibility.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Site Launch & Optimization

Launching a new site is not a matter of simply “flipping a switch.” It requires thorough testing and optimization to ensure a smooth transition. We complete all of these steps for you, so everything works the way it is supposed to, in a manner that is pleasing to the user.

These steps include:

  • A/B Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Loading Sequences
  • Speed Testing
  • Responsive/Mobile Testing
  • Accessibility Standards

Tech Stack Consulting

Selecting the right technology suite is essential to the success of your website project. But, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind as you evaluate your many options. The Golden Spiral team helps you navigate this process, so you can identify and implement the tools that work best for your digital needs. We recommend a CMS during the website planning process and provide guidance for selecting additional platforms that will smoothly integrate with your CMS. These may include marketing automation tools, a career portal, an analytics platform, a CRM, and more. We also complete the integrations during development, so you can use the tools at site launch.

Don’t need each component of marketing?

We support HealthTech companies with proven programs crafted to support your objectives at any point in your company’s journey.

Demand Generation

We drive B2B marketing initiatives proven to produce leads and generate demand in the HealthTech industry.

Branding & Positioning

We create a compelling visual brand and messaging platform by focusing on your buyers and communicating your unique solutions to their problems.

Website & Collateral

We bring your brand and message to market through an engaging, lead-focused website and well-targeted marketing and sales collateral.


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