B2B tech marketing must be designed to move and respond to a fast changing market.

We are able to adapt our offerings to provide everything from a virtual, integrated marketing department to specific, specialized services optimized for your workflow.

Strategy & Branding

Strategy is science. Branding is art. Combined, they are unstoppable. We help you clarify and amplify who you are to set you apart from your competition in a noisy marketplace. We work with B2B tech clients like you to develop customer-focused goals tracked by key performance indicators that will result in new and renewed business.

Public Relations

Just because you send out a press release doesn’t mean media outlets will cover it. Public relations needs to be an integral part of all your marketing efforts. Golden Spiral frames news stories for maximum reach, coaches spokespeople to handle any question, and integrates every media effort with your SEO, content development, and sales funnel.

Content Marketing

Content marketing practices create and distribute relevant and valuable content designed to attract, acquire, and engage your clearly defined target audience. Whether showcased as text, video, audio, infographics, design, photography, or interactive elements, well-developed and executed content marketing strategies place you within conversations that facilitate introductions to the brand and position you as experts on the subject matter.

Web & SEO

Are your targets finding you when they search online and do they understand your solution? Our experts will help you define the user flow, write the copy, design a user-focused experience, and develop and launch the site in a manner that draws in and converts leads. Our SEO team can then lead your ongoing organic optimization, search strategies, paid ads, keyword research, and more in a way that demonstrates ROI from the word go.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the synthesis of your online efforts to convert a web visitor into a lead. Golden Spiral helps you act as concierge for your lead’s entire journey. Lead generation is woven into content development and keyword choice, then comes to the forefront in every landing page, form, nurturing strategy, and automation sequence.


Great design can turbocharge the way your audience interacts with your brand no matter the delivery method. With artists from many disciplines, our team is well-versed in designing beautiful and effective sales presentations, industry reports, trade show booths, infographics, white papers, templates, and anything else that you need to drive conversion.

How We Work

We typically engage with clients in one or more of these four ways:

Brand & Marketing Foundation
We will uncover the problems your market faces, what sets you apart, understand your growth objectives, and establish the strategies, positioning, and tools needed to connect to the market. 
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Ongoing Marketing
After establishing a plan, we will step right in to carry out your ongoing marketing efforts, ranging from acting as your marketing department, to executing one strategy, tracking key metrics and optimizing our efforts.
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Big Project
You need reinforcements to make a big project, such as a website or rebrand, happen now. Our team will come alongside you to provide the expertise and ability to execute the right thing the right way.
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Multi-Channel Campaign
It’s time to get the word out and generate demand for an upcoming push. Our team will build a strategy, identify the best tactics, and execute to ensure success.
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Our success extends only as far as our client’s victories so we do all we can to ensure that what we 
do works.

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