Our values drive us. Together, they are the standard by which we measure our team’s work and ultimately the way we care for our clients. We hold ourselves accountable to these standards and we publish them here because we expect you to do the same.


Our Posture

Golden Spiral is inherently a service company. That service starts in the way we treat and care for each other, then extends naturally through our organization to our clients. We endeavor to understand the needs of others and do whatever is appropriate within our power to meet them. We believe that posture will empower Golden Spiral to thrive.


Our Communication

Open, sincere, honest, and clear communication is requisite to ensuring strong relationships and great work. Everyone in our company brings a unique perspective that they are free to speak knowing it is valued across all levels of our company — always. We are not perfect and endeavor to surround communication with humility and kindness.

Right Thing, Right Way

Our Work

Temptations to compromise are ever-present. Shortcuts never work. Every member of our team is empowered to do their best work. We will hold to the time, quality, and integrity commitments we have made to our team members, clients, and vendors and in the event we fall short, we endeavor to make it right trusting that integrity will ultimately enliven and propel our company.

Work Smart

Our Focus

We balance innovation and the drive to deliver at the highest level with the inherent constraints of time and budget. Thriving in that requires a smart approach. We know how we work best. We prioritize and focus on the highest value tasks and aim to simplify issues and solutions so everyone feels their time is valued and experiences the freedom to create and celebrate.

Goal-Focused COllaboration

Our Objectives

Well-conceived and articulated goals provide clarity. Many possibilities and personalities surround our work. It is important to know and focus on the ultimate objectives, pattern our interactions to welcome and capitalize on each team member’s ideas, and work together to create solutions that empathetically, pragmatically, and collaboratively hit that target.

Eyes On The Horizon

Our Vision

The pace of change is outrageous in our world. It is our job bring an innovative perspective, to explore and understand the trends, determine direction, create solutions, and courageously lead the future. We may fail. That is okay. We will learn, grow, and continue to build value for our clients and our company. “Forward” is our focus — for everyone on our team.


Our successes come from our experience in translating complex products to benefit-focused solutions.