What We Do

We work with B2B HealthTech companies to create brand positioning and drive demand generation.

The HealthTech market keeps getting louder and more crowded, as digital solutions to age-old manual problems continue to emerge.

You have one of those digital solutions, and you know it can deliver real change to an industry that’s needed it for so long. The hard part is cutting through the noise and getting in front of the right people.

That’s why Golden Spiral exists.

We know how to run effective B2B marketing programs in the HealthTech space, and we do so via two practice areas that guide your strategy: Brand Positioning and Demand Generation.

These have been intentionally designed to work hand in hand with one another. Your company’s positioning serves as the critical foundation for demand generation initiatives, while demand generation turns market positioning into market movement. We can work with you to develop one or both of these areas, but the combination of the two has proven most successful.

The result of this symbiotic relationship is a robust marketing ecosystem that differentiates your brand, expands your visibility, and drives leads through your digital door.

Our Practice Areas

Brand Positioning

Using key learnings gathered from a competitive marketing analysis and stakeholder workshop, we identify how your solution solves your target buyers’ problems. Then, we create a messaging platform, visual identity, and marketing toolkit that all lead with empathy and highlight your unique value.


Demand Generation

With a strong positioning platform in place, we develop ongoing initiatives that generate demand for your solution in the market and align with your business goals and KPIs. Our demand generation programs cover content marketing, lead nurturing, paid media, SEO, and performance measurement.

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