Brand Positioning

We create a compelling brand position by focusing on your buyers and uncovering your unique solutions to their problems.

Differentiation is essential. Strong positioning will allow you to identify it and communicate it in ways that demonstrate your empathetic understanding of your buyers’ real-world problems and connect the soul of your company to what the market needs.

Through our Brand Positioning programs, Golden Spiral helps B2B HealthTech companies achieve differentiation and establish a profound market presence.

Our programs are delivered through the following paths:


Brand Foundation

We start by conducting a robust competitive marketing analysis to determine what your competitors are doing and saying in the HealthTech space and the overall impact of their digital marketing efforts. Then, we gather your key stakeholders for a brand foundation workshop, during which we extract critical insights about your history, values, product, and differentiators, and facilitate alignment around overall company direction.

Here we also develop your comprehensive buyer matrix℠, Golden Spiral’s proprietary tool for mapping specific buyer problems to your solutions. The matrix informs the creation of a messaging platform that includes a series of messages that communicate who you are, what you do, and what sets your solution apart from the competition.

After the messaging platform is complete, we create a visual identity system that defines the look and feel you will use to represent your brand in the market. This system includes your logo, typography, colors, photography and graphic styles, and more.

The individual components we develop in your messaging platform and visual identity system will vary and depend on your existing brand.



Marketing Toolkit

When your brand foundation is established, we can build your marketing toolkit, which is composed of the primary vehicles used to share your messaging and visual identity with the market.

Your website is the hub of this toolkit. We lead the strategic design and development of your site to not only display your brand, but also enhance your online visibility and drive leads through your funnel. This then sets the stage for successful demand generation efforts, including content marketing, SEO, and paid media. Additionally, we create a corporate sales deck and other key collateral to use when introducing your company to prospective customers and partners. These resources serve as a way to align your new brand with your sales goals, processes, and messages.


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The Golden Spiral team did a phenomenal job of listening, researching, and understanding what makes Kasisto unique. Then they collaborated with our team to create a messaging framework that clearly shows our value to the market. It’s transformed how our whole company talks about our solution, and the market is responding.
Stephen Epstein, Chief Marketing Officer
Concert Genetics | HealthTech
Connecting the Genetic Health Information Network

Unifying Stakeholders Through Shared Language

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Our brand needed an updated look and feel, and most importantly, something that stood out versus the competition. Golden Spiral did an excellent job of surveying the market to determine creative ways to differentiate our brand, developed an innovative, consistent design across all our marketing materials, and launched a new digital presence for us that will be foundational for years to come.
Daniel Hart, CEO
Apollo LIMS

Demand Generation

With a strong positioning platform in place, we develop ongoing initiatives that generate demand for your solution in the market and align with your business goals and KPIs. Our demand generation programs cover content marketing, lead nurturing, paid media, SEO, and performance measurement.

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