Content Marketing

Getting your message in front of the right people, at the right time

You may have a compelling story and a well-defined value proposition, but if you’re not sending these messages across multiple channels, you won’t achieve much market traction. That’s why content marketing is critical to establish and maintain your brand’s authority.

Content can and should take on many formats. Whether through text, video, audio, infographics, design, photography, or interactive elements, we develop and execute content marketing strategies that facilitate introductions to your brand and position you as experts in your industry.

Golden Spiral has helped us more clearly define who we are and what we offer to the financial industry. We now regularly publish content that is helpful to our customers and prospects. Golden Spiral truly feels like an extension of us. I can’t imagine having a more seamless process — they are true partners!
Rebecca Key
Director of Marketing, 360 View

Common Challenges

Do you lack strategic direction for your marketing content? Our team gets you on track to tackle some of your biggest content marketing challenges:

  • You struggle to create and adhere to a content plan that reinforces company UVP and product messaging.
  • You don’t have data- and research-driven content that incorporates brand messaging, speaks to your buyers’ pain points, and aligns with industry trends.
  • You can’t maintain a consistent content pipeline to support SEO, social, and paid media efforts.
  • Your content is not regularly promoted on various platforms to drive convertible audience engagement.
  • Your complex technology features and processes aren’t clearly articulated in a way that differentiates you from your competitors.

Content Strategy

Behind every well-developed piece of content is a clearly defined strategy. Our team can either lead content strategy for you or help your marketing team build an effective strategy by determining content objectives, target audiences, and primary messages that guide content creation efforts. As part of our integrated approach, we incorporate SEO, social media, public relations, and marketing automation into your overarching content strategy.

Our content strategy services include:

Buyer Journey Mapping

When it comes to mapping content to your buyers, consider these two factors: buyers’ top pain points, and where they are in the buying cycle. We gather information on your buyers’ problem areas and map your solutions to those problems. From there, we develop personas that provide detailed pictures of the individuals we want to target. Additionally, we organize content and get your message in front of buyers at each stage in the buying cycle (Awareness, Consideration, and Decision).

Keyword & Topic Research

Effective content marketing is dependent on SEO; you don’t want to publish content online that no one can find. We conduct thorough research to determine search keywords with the highest opportunity for your business. The results of this research and analysis guide the topics we focus on in all content, including blog posts, web pages, collateral pieces, and more. We also stay up to date with industry news and trends, ensuring the content we craft is timely and relevant.

Editorial Calendar

At Golden Spiral, we don’t do anything without a plan. We create editorial calendars that outline proposed blog and rich content topics over a given timeframe and include supporting data from our buyer journey mapping, together with keyword and topic research. These calendars serve as our content development road map and reinforce our integrated marketing approach.

Social Calendar

Building your social media presence requires a steady stream of useful content across multiple platforms. We draft social posts that align with your editorial calendar, then deliver cohesive, consistent messages that drive relevant traffic back to your website(s). Additionally, we work with you to determine which social platforms offer the most value to your business and tailor content to each platform’s audience and style.

Email Campaigns

Once you’ve developed a content marketing piece, you need a way to get it in front of your target buyers. Often, email campaigns serve as an effective vehicle for doing so — you just need an eye-catching subject line and resonant copy to generate opens, clicks, downloads, and leads. We provide strategic guidance for developing these messages, and distribute the emails at optimal times, taking into consideration related company news, product launches, and industry events.

Content Creation & Promotion

With a robust strategy in place, you’ll be well positioned to execute on content development. The challenge is finding the time and qualified resources to lead these efforts. That’s where Golden Spiral steps in. Our team of content strategists, graphic designers, and web developers collaborate to deliver content marketing pieces that clearly articulate your company and product value propositions, meet strategic goals, and drive conversions.

These pieces include:

  • Videos
  • Core Content
  • Marketing Automation
  • White Papers
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Videos
  • Pillar Pages
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics