Public Relations

Cutting through industry noise to get your voice heard

Your market is competitive, and it can be tough to gain share of voice if you don’t have a comprehensive public relations strategy in place. At Golden Spiral, we believe PR is most successful when it’s tightly integrated with your overall marketing efforts. That’s why we don’t just send out a press release and hope for coverage. We connect every PR opportunity to SEO, content marketing, social media, and lead generation campaigns for maximum impact.

Marketing is what you say about your company. Public relations is what you want others to say about your company and its reputation. Golden Spiral has a deep understanding of this distinction. They consistently deliver timely, strategic, and effective public relations to increase our share of voice in the market and enhance our reputation as a leader in software development for the ASC industry.
Doug Marrs
Director of Marketing, Simplify ASC

Common Challenges

Are you struggling to get your voice heard in your B2B tech market? We can help you overcome some common PR challenges:

  • You need to increase brand awareness among target audiences.
  • Your message doesn’t sound any different from your competitors.
  • Your industry influence and credibility is lacking.
  • You don’t have much brand visibility with existing customers.
  • You are not equipped to maintain a strong brand reputation during a crisis.
  • You want to expand your media footprint.

Strategy & Planning

Every PR opportunity we pursue requires a strategic plan. We work with you to determine what you want to say to the market, when you say it, and who should hear it. With these factors in mind, we outline the tactics we’ll use to deploy your messages to the right audiences at the right time.

Our PR strategy and planning services include:

Goal and KPI Setting

We help you determine your top business and marketing goals and create key performance indicators (KPIs) to align with each one. With these target metrics, we ensure the results we deliver are measurable.

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Campaign Creation

We develop a comprehensive PR campaign that incorporates critical elements such as media opportunities, speaker positions, influencer relations, and more. Each PR campaign works in tandem with your greater marketing efforts for a truly integrated approach.

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Press Release Opportunities

We identify existing company, product, and category news, and determine when we need to create news so you gain brand traction among key markets.

Product Launch Support

We build a strategy for promoting your products before, during, and after their launch that incorporates media relations, analyst/influencer relations, speaking opportunities, events, and more.

Creative Storytelling

We stay up to date with what’s going on in your industry and create proactive media pitches that align with forward-looking trends, and position your company and executives as thought leaders in your space.

Industry Event Strategy

We create a trade show PR plan that outlines company news angles, as well as target media outlets and influencers, so you’re well-positioned to garner attention at each event you attend.

Media Relations

Media relations is the lifeblood of PR; you need strategic, consistent engagement with industry media to get your story out there. Our team is entrenched in the B2B tech space and has a proven track record of increasing executive visibility. We identify trends and news to align your company story with, and serve as the liaison between you and the media. Through a combination of proactive pitching and response to timely stories, we generate coverage from the outlets that matter most to your business.

  • Media Outlet Identification
  • Press Release Support
  • Proactive Story Angles
  • Executive Visibility/Thought Leadership
  • Rapid Response

Analyst & Influencer Relations

Yours can’t be the only voice talking about your company and offerings; you need a third party to share your story to gain credibility in your market. Golden Spiral helps you garner relationships with reputable analysts and influencers in your space who can provide unbiased validation of your company’s value. Whether you want to be included in an annual industry report or featured on a prominent LinkedIn influencer group, we identify compelling angles and data, and reach out to the appropriate sources on your behalf.

Speaking & Awards Programs

Landing a presenter role for a company executive at a top industry conference or getting recognized for your company’s achievements tells your market that you’ve got an edge on your competition. The Golden Spiral team develops a speaking and awards calendar, outlining potential opportunities and submission requirements. We then draft and submit applications, and provide presentation support for successful submissions.

Measurement & Reporting

The only way to know if your PR efforts are working is to establish and track success metrics. These metrics will depend on the goals and KPIs you determine at the onset of a campaign. We monitor and report on the volume of earned media coverage, as well as the type of coverage you receive, whether via press releases, interview opportunities, or bylined articles. We also track your brand’s overall sentiment and share of voice in comparison to your top competitors. And, we report on backlinks we secure through offsite SEO in support of your overarching PR strategy.

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