Why Connotate Teamed Up with Golden Spiral

Our Goals

  • Create a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy
  • Increase inbound lead quality and volume
  • Develop engaging blog content
  • Drive relevant social media engagement
  • Complete website updates
Who Is Connotate?

Connotate is the market leader in web content scraping and data extraction. The company’s software allows users to create data extraction agents that monitor and collect targeted content to deliver structured critical data sets that power business processes and provide insight for better decisions. Connotate’s scalable services can handle all kinds of websites from simple to complex. Users can perform web data extractions for everything from one-time needs and ad hoc data collection to frequent, high-volume collection, while detecting even subtle changes.



  • Competitive & Pricing Analysis
  • Financial & Market Research
  • Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring
  • News & Content Aggregation
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Sales Intelligence

Golden Spiral conducted exhaustive analytics and discovered opportunities for growing the company’s online presence and increasing its qualified leads. We compiled all of Connotate’s existing pay-per-click (PPC) efforts to determine additional ways to increase return on the company’s search marketing investment. Combining PPC data with website analytics, we made substantial onsite adjustments and completed necessary recommendations in Google Search Console (GSC) to improve search engine results. With a comprehensive look at traffic, keyword volume, organic terms, and more, we used our analysis to build PPC and content development strategies in order to grow Connotate’s impression share.




  • Analytics-Based Website Optimization
  • ROI Metrics and Analytics
  • Landing Pages
  • SEO (On-Page and Off-Page)

Based on our review of the website analytics, HubSpot funnels, and Google Search Console, we sought to optimize Connotate’s AdWords spending. We increased the relevancy between existing landing pages and ads we A\B tested, and we uncovered additional keywords via a competitive analysis. We focused our PPC approach to bolster the success of already proven efforts and supplement the new organic strategy.


  • Reducing Connotate’s cost per click
  • Increasing traffic
  • Establishing and maintaining marketshare
  • Improving keyword relevancy across paid and non-paid terms
  • Facilitate MQL-driven remarketing (display and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)

Golden Spiral compiled an inventory of current keywords and existing content to discover Connotate’s greatest strengths and future opportunities. We optimized existing content with SEO efforts and have continually developed new content that boosts digital visibility on key lines of service via search and content syndication.


  • Addresses relevant problems in Connotate’s market
  • Demonstrates how Connotate can solve the problems
  • Displays Connotate’s industry expertise
  • Elevates Connotate’s role as an industry leader

We want to make sure Connotate is part of every market conversation relevant
to its business. That’s why our social media efforts are designed to supplement and complement the content strategy. We regularly share new content with Connotate’s existing audience while finding ways to extend the company’s reach.

What we learn through social media, we employ in the next round of PPC and content development as we monitor the audience’s engagement.



  • Identifying high traffic articles
  • Uncovering new search terms
  • Highlighting trends
  • Employing hashtags
  • Alerting Connotate to industry news and events

The Results


More Form Completions from Organic Traffic


More New Contacts from Organic Traffic


More New Visitors from Paid Traffic


More Form Submissions from Paid Traffic


Growth in Leads from Social

“The Golden Spiral team is a great extension of Connotate’s marketing team. We depend on their guidance and expertise. We have been able to optimize our online spending while increasing our leads-to-SQL ratio and know our funnel is in better shape because of their work.”

— Gina Cerami —

Vice President, Marketing