We are glad to have the chance to start this conversation with Acme. We know that running into brick walls and being blown up by dynamite hurts. You’ve got to find a way to catch that Roadrunner. From everything you have articulated about your needs, what we do and who we are are a perfect fit. We are excited to explore the potential of partnering with you.

Key Understandings
We work exclusively with B2B tech companies

We know how to make the complex simple and we understand what it takes to craft buyer journeys that build and maintain traction in the market – and we thrive on it.

What it means: Once we are dialed in to your value proposition and the anatomy of your market we know what it takes to drive effective strategies. No hand-holding needed.

We build around a pragmatic and empathetic understanding of real market problems

It’s not about product features, it’s about your buyer’s pain points. Everything we do is anchored in a clear picture of the issues your buyers face that are leading them to search for a solution.

What it means: The messages we create attract people into your funnel and the trust nurtured in the process sets you up to win.

We excel at bringing out the soul of the organizations we work with

We listen, we learn, we understand then we help you create a compelling, market-tuned narrative (your brand) that will clearly communicate not only what you do — but why it matters.

What it means: When sales professionals encounter ZynBit they will sense they’ve found a strategic partner they can trust to get them the info they need everyday.

We are dedicated to identifying and achieving measurable results.

Our team will work with yours to understand your goals, determine strategic objectives, map clear, mutually understood KPIs, and measure and track progress every step of the way.

What it means: We have a clear plan for how we are going to win the market, a clear view of progress and an understanding of your ROI.

Core Services
Strategy & Branding
Public Relations
Content Marketing
Web & SEO
Digital Marketing
We are ready.

Click here to email me directly with any questions or feel free to call at (615) 538-7008.

John Farkas
CEO | Storyteller
Golden Spiral