Are You Asking these Five Questions to Decipher Your Customer’s Pain Points?

Are you closing enough deals to hit your goals?

Do your potential customers buy inferior solutions before you get to them?

Your customers don’t have to be a mystery.

You can unravel their problems, needs, and worries with the precision of Sherlock Holmes and the street smarts of Alex Cross.

Your customers feel the weight of their purchasing decisions. The larger the purchase, the more their jobs are on the line. They are worried that if they don’t overcome their roadblocks, they will be held responsible for limiting their companies’ growth.

Use better questions during your marketing sequences to develop a 360-degree written profile of your customer. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to offer up content and resources to them and the more frequently they’ll meet with you face-to-face.

These five questions will help you craft everything from social surveys to email subject lines to blog articles, outlines for webinars, and your demo presentations.

Understand your buyers’ problems. Then guide them to your solution out of that empathetic understanding.


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