Free Download: The B2B Buyers Trust Journey

Resource by | May 17, 2017

B2B buyers have always needed trust, confidence, and validation in the pre-purchase process—but, increasingly, they are finding those things online without ever engaging with a human. We call this the “self-service” model and it speaks to the growing importance of digital for selling to the new B2B buyer.

This comprehensive resource outlines the three different stages of trust established throughout the business buyer’s decision-making process and why each is an essential step toward making the sale.



  • How your buyer identifies their problem, researches solutions, and discovers you
  • Why the first impression is the most important 8-11 seconds in your marketing cycle
  • The B2B Buyer’s Competence Assessment Checklist
  • How to win the three Trust Keys: Initial, Qualified, and Verified Trust
  • Tips for a successful hand-off between sales and marketing
  • How to to sustain the trust you have fought so hard to win
  • and more!